Monday, 20 September 2010

2 x Breast Stroke Champion

Yes!! We are 2 x Breast Stroke Champion! WOOooo HOOOOoo!!! Thought I missed Randall Race Day... Well, I make it up by having our little "Post-Race" Celebration! =)

I particularly love this photo! Appreciating the medal (medals) and all the hard work that Randall has been thru... =)

In 2009, We won just a Gold & a Bronze. This Year, 2010. We retained our Breaststroke Champion Title and at the same time, we won a Silver.... So, if there was a medal tally.. We definitely would have topped that table simply coz, we improved!! One Gold, One Silver!!! =)The vain coach teaching his new-born champion how champions bite their medals... Hee....And a promise I made to him..... A reward for all his hard work.... But mostly, to spare my ears from his complaints every time I ask him... "What happen Randall!! What are u doing?!"

And his standard answer... "My goggles!! Got Water!!!" Hee....I cant resist but took this photo from Deon facebook. Look @ Randall flying off the blocks! So much nicer compared to 1 year ago. So much more professional than 1 year ago. All these... because of his hard work. =)Well done Randall!! Last year, we promised each other we will train harder for 2010. We did. And we did it with a Gold & Silver. This year, you told me... "Last year was a Gold & Bronze. This Year was a Gold & Silver. Next Year, Gold & Gold."

And yes... We will strive for that. A Gold & Gold. =) You've a dream & Teacher Jerry will do his best to help you fulfill that dream.... But first, let's go for the Nationals Champ! Cause.. They have milo vans there!! hee... =p

Credits: Thanks for Xiaoxin for helping me with the photoshoot and Deon for her Race day photos! =)

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