Thursday, 30 September 2010

My name is.......

My kiddos call me Teacher Jerry
My mummy calls me "Pui Ah.. Pui Ah..." (Fatty)
My daddy calls me "Ah Yi... Ah Yi..." (Shortest pronunciation of my Chinese name)
My brother calls me "KOR!" (Big brother)
My Xiao xin calls me Dear Dear!
My girlfriend family calls me "Jelly Fish"
My Army mates call me TOH!

And the funniest kiddos will always call me "Tom & Jerry!"

And since marj says she don't often see me in suit... I shall post 2 pics over here! Ta-da! Hee..... Handsome right? Wanna see more? Leave ur comments & let me know! =p

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


2.30am and my eyes are still wild awake!

It's either the 3.8km run yesterday or the photo shoot that we had earlier with Melvin that's still keeping my heart pumping so fast..... *crossing our fingers that the photos will turn out great! We know it will. Yes, it will*

So much on my To-Do list but the most important on the list now.... The kiddos SwimSafer Test & their Children's Day... =)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Mizuno Wave Precision 9

This post is gonna be all about shoes...

As part of my Journey into Aviva Ironman 70.3 again next year, I needed a good pair of shoes. As in a really good pair. My target was a newton. But, the price of it makes me think twice....

So, when I first saw Mizuno Wave Precision 9 on the sales rack of World of Sports. I simply couldn't resist their beauties...

And the price tag of $99 (before 5% member's discount) makes it even more tempting. =) So.. decided to give it a try. And OMG! They fit so comfortably into my leggies.... and immediately I knew, they were the ones! Haha.....Their "seniors"... which mainly make up of Asics & New Balance... The family of shoes that have served me well over the years..... Just like ladies who love to collect shoes, Me too! Haha...And that's one new collection into the family! =)Completed a 3.8km run today just to break in this new pair of shoes. And I must say, Wave Precision is really light and the support it provides is Fantastic! I love it!!! =)

Plus, for the price of this shoes... It's definitely worth value for money! =)

Saturday, 25 September 2010

My duties...

How should I start this post?

Been thinking for the past 2hrs and I still have no idea how should I go about it....

Story cut short.. Here it goes....

There is this important person in my life.. Well, she taught me alot since young and I am forever going to be grateful towards her. Thankful might be just an understatement. The kind of gratitude I wanna show towards her may never be enough for all she has done for me.

They say, Children are the best mirror for us. I agree. For who I am today, credits goes towards her for her teachings.

Time flies...
I'm coaching her kids now and that includes her relative kids... I'm determined to give my all in coaching these kiddos.. In a way, kind of repaying her for her kindness, Chinese call it “报答”。
In another way, simply because these kiddos are my students.

Well, one of the kiddos is simply different. An attention seeker kid. =) I know how difficult it is to handle such a kid in the class. I know how much complaints I'm going to face from other parents. I know how other people going to view me. I know what people are going to say about us. I know who their fingers are pointing towards to. I know.

But have I ever tot of giving him up? No. I won't and I can't. I won't simply because I have a duty to teach him. It's my duty to make sure he completes his laps in the pool. It's my duty to make sure he can swim. And I can't simply because he's my student and if "my important person" didnt gave me up when I was young. What gives me the right to give him up?

Yes, Parents complaint about his attitude, complaint about his misbehaviour in class. But I'm holding on to him. I believe one day, I'm going to make a difference for him. It might be next week, it might be next month, next year or even 5 years down the road. I don't care. I'm just not going to give him up. I've never given up on any kiddos no matter how "difficult" he/she is.

That's my philosophy when I started coaching. I believe in Destiny and Fate. I believe for a kiddo and me to meet up, its a kind of Destiny. And for that kiddo to become my student. That's call Fate.

Funny thing is, usually when a student leave it's usually not the choice of the kiddos. It's the Adults.

A student can choose to leave me. I will understand it for the 1001 reasons you give me. But I will never give up on my student. Even if you give me 1 reason for me to give him up. I won't and I never will.

In fact, the more "difficult" a student is, the more challenging it gets during my coaching and the more fun it becomes. =) Well, I guess, to be a "GTO Coach", there's a price to pay. But, when I hear the laughter of my kiddos and seeing their smiles, It's all worth it.

And today one kiddo tells me.

"Teacher Jerry, My stomach pain"
Teacher Jerry: "Ok, wan go to toilet?"
Kiddo: "Erm.. Nvm liao... I just farted. So not painful anymore..."

How can I possibly give up on my cuties? Call me stubborn or a cow, whatever.

It's my duty to teach my kiddos and protect them.

Friday, 24 September 2010

TYR Latest Model?

Knowing how sporty the both of us are and how deeply madly in love we are with each other and TYR.... Who knows... You might just spot us on the next issue of TYR products or other sports products! =)

I seriously think we can be spokesman/woman or models for sporting products!! Hee.. Quick!! Agents contact us before we get sign off! =pPicturing us for IKEA doesnt seem like a bad idea too... Young Couples? Haha.. Bottom line is... We are deeply madly in love with each other.. =p

Monday, 20 September 2010

2 x Breast Stroke Champion

Yes!! We are 2 x Breast Stroke Champion! WOOooo HOOOOoo!!! Thought I missed Randall Race Day... Well, I make it up by having our little "Post-Race" Celebration! =)

I particularly love this photo! Appreciating the medal (medals) and all the hard work that Randall has been thru... =)

In 2009, We won just a Gold & a Bronze. This Year, 2010. We retained our Breaststroke Champion Title and at the same time, we won a Silver.... So, if there was a medal tally.. We definitely would have topped that table simply coz, we improved!! One Gold, One Silver!!! =)The vain coach teaching his new-born champion how champions bite their medals... Hee....And a promise I made to him..... A reward for all his hard work.... But mostly, to spare my ears from his complaints every time I ask him... "What happen Randall!! What are u doing?!"

And his standard answer... "My goggles!! Got Water!!!" Hee....I cant resist but took this photo from Deon facebook. Look @ Randall flying off the blocks! So much nicer compared to 1 year ago. So much more professional than 1 year ago. All these... because of his hard work. =)Well done Randall!! Last year, we promised each other we will train harder for 2010. We did. And we did it with a Gold & Silver. This year, you told me... "Last year was a Gold & Bronze. This Year was a Gold & Silver. Next Year, Gold & Gold."

And yes... We will strive for that. A Gold & Gold. =) You've a dream & Teacher Jerry will do his best to help you fulfill that dream.... But first, let's go for the Nationals Champ! Cause.. They have milo vans there!! hee... =p

Credits: Thanks for Xiaoxin for helping me with the photoshoot and Deon for her Race day photos! =)

Friday, 17 September 2010

Teachers' Day 2010~!

Teachers' Day 2010 was well spent over @ Thailand! Lolx...

So, expect lots of back dated post in the coming days! =)
It's good to be back in Singapore once again... Can't wait to see all my kiddos....

Monday, 13 September 2010

And the countdown begins... Coming home soon!!

It's been such a long & tiring 3 weeks... If without my dearest girlfriend daily bbm with me, her "pre-written" daily notes for me & the constant facebook status she wrote for me.

Most probably, I might not even be writing this post... And yes, Xx & I haven't seen each other for a freaking 2 long weeks...

People say, long distance relationship is hard to maintain. Yes I agree. But @ the same time, long distance makes our heart fonder. So, the first thing I touch down on Changi Airport, I'm going to skip DFS & rush out to meet my dearest Summer.

I miss u Baby!! I'm coming home!! =)
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Sunday, 12 September 2010

3 more days!!!

3 more days & I'll be back in Singapore!! =)

Things I've been missing:
- Chong Pang Nasi Lemak
- 30 laps in the pool
- My kiddos
- Randall Medals!
- Nat Geo & Discovery channel

And lastly...

A nice good meal with my family..
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Saturday, 4 September 2010

We won again!!

Deon sms me yesterday from Singapore despite knowing me in Thailand. Randall did us proud! Champion again!!

Yes! Randall won his 50m Breaststoke again!! Yes! Yes!! I was jumping up n down with joy when I read that sms. And just before I could settle down, the 2nd piece of good news came in.

Randall relay team won a silver in the 4x50m meldey relay! WOoo HOooo!! So proud of him!!

So excited now and can't wait to go back Singapore!!! =)

*First weekend of not seeing my kiddos.. I miss them. All of them.
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