Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Introducing.... Singapore first SUV (Swimming Utilities Vehicle)! Hee...And for the last time, this is not a dustbin or a rubbish bin! It's our very own SUV! =p Frankly speaking, alot of people were in a shocked when they saw Teacher Jerry push this into the swimming pool. And no kids, this is not a rubbish bin! My initial idea was just to place all my swimming stuff into this vehicle. But my parents were great!

So many of them suggested me to empty the vehicle and place the naughty kids inside. Hee... Great idea! Works exactly like "Super Nanny Naughty Corner"! Hee... Now, we've our very own naughty corner too! Hee.. And it works! =)

Next question: "Why bring so many stuff?"

Indeed, perhaps I should not bring so much swimming stuff. I could just come into every lesson and tell the kids to swim breaststroke 1000m and freestyle 1000m. And that's it! Lesson ends. Don't even need to use a single equipment.

No. I don't do that.
I treasure every single swimming lesson with my kiddos.
I treasure that 1 hour every week I have with them.
I want to give them the best training possible every week.
Every week, I want my kiddos to feel that this week is totally fresh n brand new.
Every week, I want my kiddos to learn something new.
And when the lesson ends, I want my kiddos to look forward to the next lesson.

Never mind the fact that we have to sell away our Toyota Vios and downgrade to a van just so that I can transport our SUV around. My family understands that and thankful all are willing to accommodate.

Am I stubborn? Yes. That day, I told someone this.
"I cant bring my kiddos to a country club to train. But I can bring the country club to my kiddos. And that Country Club is in my SUV." =)

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