Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A good break.

It's been so long since we last had a weekend off. In fact, 5th week of the month, is the week that most coaches are looking forward to. Well, at least for me. =)

Was so happy that I had 4 days off! WOOoo Hooo! Wanted to go to Bangkok and find “白龙王”(White dragon King) But heard that he was sick. Hence, trip to Bangkok was off. And the whole of Friday was spent on catching my current fav drama! 新三国! I love this show! It's simply great!! Total of 95 episodes! And I'm @ Ep 68! Heee....

Sat was spend @ BATAM with Princess. We took up a half day Spa Package for SGD$125 with 3 treatments! Ah~ Never felt so relax before. But that was not the highlight of the trip.. The highlight was THIS! A&W! Long lost fav!!! Yummmy!!!And Sunday was relax with the cold weather and light drizzle. For the 1st time, I told princess."Ah... So, this is how Sunday feels like. Relax and lazy."

The TOH family brought a new vehicle and we spend the Sunday spraying it and decorating it... Hee.... What's it for? ANswer shall be reviewed soon! =p

The work of the TOH FAMILY completed with love, passion & commitment. Hee.... And yes, everyone in the family (the 6 of us) make a contribution to this wonderful masterpiece!

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