Sunday, 29 August 2010

Away in Thailand....

Dear Students & Parents,

Once again, please be reminded that there will be no swimming lessons from 30th Aug - 16th Sep as Teacher Jerry is away being a Soldier! =)

See you guys when I'm back in Singapore! (My phone has auto roaming tot, so feel free to call me if you guys miss me! Hee...)

And believe me, I've lots of backdated posts & tons of wonderful photos...

And Yes! Thank you for all your Teachers' Day presents! I love them so much! =)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Guess which event am I taking part this morning? Er, I mean as a spectator. Hee.. No prizes for guessing correctly tot :p
Another blog post by Teacher Jerry!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Introducing.... Singapore first SUV (Swimming Utilities Vehicle)! Hee...And for the last time, this is not a dustbin or a rubbish bin! It's our very own SUV! =p Frankly speaking, alot of people were in a shocked when they saw Teacher Jerry push this into the swimming pool. And no kids, this is not a rubbish bin! My initial idea was just to place all my swimming stuff into this vehicle. But my parents were great!

So many of them suggested me to empty the vehicle and place the naughty kids inside. Hee... Great idea! Works exactly like "Super Nanny Naughty Corner"! Hee... Now, we've our very own naughty corner too! Hee.. And it works! =)

Next question: "Why bring so many stuff?"

Indeed, perhaps I should not bring so much swimming stuff. I could just come into every lesson and tell the kids to swim breaststroke 1000m and freestyle 1000m. And that's it! Lesson ends. Don't even need to use a single equipment.

No. I don't do that.
I treasure every single swimming lesson with my kiddos.
I treasure that 1 hour every week I have with them.
I want to give them the best training possible every week.
Every week, I want my kiddos to feel that this week is totally fresh n brand new.
Every week, I want my kiddos to learn something new.
And when the lesson ends, I want my kiddos to look forward to the next lesson.

Never mind the fact that we have to sell away our Toyota Vios and downgrade to a van just so that I can transport our SUV around. My family understands that and thankful all are willing to accommodate.

Am I stubborn? Yes. That day, I told someone this.
"I cant bring my kiddos to a country club to train. But I can bring the country club to my kiddos. And that Country Club is in my SUV." =)

Monday, 16 August 2010

5 Reasons to Skip the Diamond Engagement Ring

This article came almost @ the right time.... =)

Wise Bread, On Wednesday 11 August 2010, 1:12 SGT

You're ready. You have the entire scene planned out in your head, every detail plotted and mapped until it's perfect. At the climax of this mini-drama, he will bend on one knee and present to you a beautiful diamond ring -- or, if you're the one proposing, you will watch as her expression changes from surprise to utter delight when she sees the ring. And that's when you'll know: Yes, you're getting married.

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Or so the diamond industry would like you to believe. The sole purpose of this appealing fantasy is to drum up sales. Once you look past the mythos of the diamond engagement ring, you'll see that it's not much more than a shiny rock. (See also 24 secrets from a 24-year-old happy marriage.) Here are five good reasons to skip the diamond engagement ring.

1. It isn't an ancient tradition -- just marketing.
For all intents and purposes, "A Diamond is Forever" and the idea of a diamond engagement ring is Sprite's "Obey Your Thirst" and Nike's "Just Do It." It is Gary Dahl's "Pet Rock." De Beers controlled supply by buying up and closing down any diamond mine discovered, and they controlled demand by making it sentimental. Although the campaign is less than 70 years old, it has made the diamond engagement ring the ultimate symbol of how much the relationship, the girl, and love itself is worth.

2. Diamonds are rare! Or not.
It's true, diamonds are abundant. For generations, De Beers had stockpiled most of the world's diamond supply and effectively monopolized the industry. Their dominance has weakened over the last decade, but De Beers and its competitors still control the supply of diamonds entering the market. While most gems are valued based on their rarity, diamonds are different. Their scarcity is artificial -- and so is their value.

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3. Other options look just as impressive and cost much less.
Moissanite looks just like a diamond; the difference is undetectable with the naked eye. In fact, moissanite is actually more brilliant. If, for whatever reason, you're stuck on the diamond ring idea, synthetic or "cultured" diamonds are the real deal. They're made in a machine that replicates the environmental forces that make diamonds. They're real diamonds, only with less flaws. A synthetic 2-carat pink diamond costs just a few thousand dollars, and a 1-carat moissanite ring is under $1000.

4. You can invest in something more meaningful/useful/fun than a piece of jewelry.
Many women simply enjoy having a beautiful collection -- and that's fine (if you can afford it). For most people, though, a diamond engagement ring is fun to show off for about 30 seconds. But it's special, right? Because it marks your engagement and symbolizes your love? Remember, that's De Beers's marketing campaign talking. Three-plus months' salary would be better spent on furnishing your home, an amazing trip, or your future kids' college funds!

5. It's hard to get around the ethical issues surrounding the diamond industry.
Terrorist groups use conflict/blood diamonds to finance their activities. Rebel groups use them to fuel conflict and civil wars. In these conflict zones, children are being used as soldiers. The Kimberley Process is an agreement that was established to prevent conflict diamonds from getting into the market, but the self-policing system is far from perfect. One way to fool the Kimberley Process is to smuggle and mix conflict diamonds with legally traded ones before being certified -- and you, the buyer, would be none the wiser.

Lynn Truong is the co-founder and Daily Deals Editor of Wise Bread, a blog dedicated to helping readers live large on a small budget. Wise Bread's book, 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget, debuted as the #1 Money Management book on

Aviva Ironman 2011

It was a quiet night. Sitting in front of the computer, keyed in my personal particulars, typed in the credit card numbers and that was it. WALA! I'm a registered athlete for the Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore 2011 and also $375 poorer. =)

No, it was'nt a moment of impulse. In fact, it's been on my mind for such a long time. The last time I competed in the race was 5 years ago. Now, 5 years later, I'm back for the crazy sufferings once again. =p

But mostly, the main reason behind it is simply Mr Charcoal has been isolated in a corner of the house for just too long. And daddy just hinted me to sell away Mr Charcoal so as to make way for SUV. Will review SUV in the next post tot.

So, in order to keep my Charcoal, I gotta registered myself for the race! Tata! As easy as that! Hee...

And the trailers from "Eat Pray Love" certainly helped in the decision making. =) Watching the trailer makes me revisited the dreams that I've been holding on. A full Ironman race, World Master Games and Disneyland Goofy Race are just a few to mention. And how true this is...

Age group 25-35: Dare to Dream, Have Time to completed the dreams but No Money.
Age group 35-45: Dare to Dream, Have Money but No Time
Age group 45-55: Have Time, Have Money, Have a bit of dreams left. But no more energy.

So in conclusion? If u have a dream, go for it. Don't wait. Cause time waits for no man. Else, you might just end up living your life with regrets. =)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

A simple sms

A simple & short SMS that really makes my day!

This afternoon, while having my lunch break, I received an sms from Valerie.

Valerie:"Hi, tell u something that may make yr day. This morning while Daryl is eating his breakfast, he says.. Mommy y dun u make a bottle of Jam for Teacher Jerry? We havent got him any presents for his birthday yet. Mommy says, maybe Teacher Jerry dun like Jam. Daryl says, never mind lah, he will like it cos its Yummy and he can eat with bread when he is hungry. Isn't he sweet?"

AWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! That totally make brought my day to the max! =)

Friday, 6 August 2010


Can you guess, what's inside? :)
Another blog post by Teacher Jerry!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A good break.

It's been so long since we last had a weekend off. In fact, 5th week of the month, is the week that most coaches are looking forward to. Well, at least for me. =)

Was so happy that I had 4 days off! WOOoo Hooo! Wanted to go to Bangkok and find “白龙王”(White dragon King) But heard that he was sick. Hence, trip to Bangkok was off. And the whole of Friday was spent on catching my current fav drama! 新三国! I love this show! It's simply great!! Total of 95 episodes! And I'm @ Ep 68! Heee....

Sat was spend @ BATAM with Princess. We took up a half day Spa Package for SGD$125 with 3 treatments! Ah~ Never felt so relax before. But that was not the highlight of the trip.. The highlight was THIS! A&W! Long lost fav!!! Yummmy!!!And Sunday was relax with the cold weather and light drizzle. For the 1st time, I told princess."Ah... So, this is how Sunday feels like. Relax and lazy."

The TOH family brought a new vehicle and we spend the Sunday spraying it and decorating it... Hee.... What's it for? ANswer shall be reviewed soon! =p

The work of the TOH FAMILY completed with love, passion & commitment. Hee.... And yes, everyone in the family (the 6 of us) make a contribution to this wonderful masterpiece!