Monday, 5 July 2010

A Wild Weekend.

It was a wild week! If the introduction of the "noodles" few weeks back was crazy. This week introduction of the Life Jackets to the kiddos must have been wild for them. Hee....I love their expression when they saw the bright orange life jacket on the floor. They would go.. "Teacher Jerry. Is that a life Jacket?" "Teacher Jerry. Can we wear that?" "Teacher Jerry.." "Teacher Jerry..."

Of course, Rules & Regulations always must be explained to them first else, you will see them jumping around like superman or like what my Nigel did - BuzzLight Year!

He wore his life jacket and showed me a BuzzLight Year Posture and shouted "Teacher Jerry! To Infinity & Beyond!" hee... Classic

Explaining to my kiddos how to enter the water with their life jacket..Explaining to the kids how to perform a Huddle Position.The kids love it! I love it too! That's how a family should look like. Like what Jackie says on her fb. "A Chain of Love, Passion & Determination."1 thing I'm glad about this Swimsafer Programme is the use of the life jacket. At least, now I know, most of my kiddos know how to use a life jacket. Be it an air crisis or a ship crisis (Pui! Pui! Touch Wood!) At least these kids now know how to jump into the sea with their life jacket on correctly and how to keep themselves warm. =)And of course, how can I missed out on letting them swim a few laps.

Hee... Look at this photo taken by Mummy Jackie and you will know, Alvis is kicking correctly! Knees below water and the toes are kicking the water as though it's boiling. =pIt's always a fulfillment to see them enjoying themselves! =)All photos are courtesy of Mummy Jackie. Thanks Jackie! =)

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