Friday, 2 July 2010

No more make up lessons.

All these years, when ever a parent or a student request for make up lessons for whatsoever reasons. I never rejected. I never say No. In fact, as far as I could, I will try my very best to squeeze them into my next available class.

However, as you all know, Starting from July, our class size is limited to max 10 students/class. Therefore, no longer can I arrange make up lessons if you missed your class (Both private & group classes).

This is to be fair to both the student and for myself.

Reason #1: If the student keep missing class knowing for the fact that Teacher Jerry will conduct a make up lesson for him, he's not going to put his heart & soul into his own time management. Because - "Teacher Jerry will make up for me if I miss his class."

And when the parents don't see results, they question Teacher Jerry. "How come my child not improving?" In the very 1st place, have your child been regularly attending his lessons?

Reason #2: I think, it's a respect for us if you know that you have your swimming lessons and do not arrange other activities during that time slot. Yes, I understand that some events,activities,issues are inevitable.

But knowing that you give your 1st priority to your swimming lessons before anything else, makes us feel that all my hard work in coaching you is worthwhile.

Can you imagine Teacher Jerry smsing you and say "Today lesson cancel. I not free."? I think it's not fair to both the student and the teacher.

It takes 2 hands to clap. Similarly, it takes the efforts of 3 parties in education to see results. The Teacher, The Student & The Parent.

I dare to say, ever since I started coaching. I've been giving my all to each and every one child that comes under both me & Teacher Rae coaching. No matter what, our lessons and children come first before anything.

And no, I'm not going to tell you about the sacrifices we have made, things we have given up and how persistence & stubborn we've been in giving our best to the children. Because, we did all these willingly. We always say to each other “只求付出,不求回报” (Commitment is all we ask for. We don't ask for anything in return)

We are just very simple coaches. We don't need you to give us any awards, any titles, any gifts or presents. We just want to do our best in coaching our children. That's our commitment.

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