Monday, 12 July 2010

For the First Time

Last sat, for the first time, my students cried when they saw me. Puzzled me. *shrugs*

For a moment, I thought what has happened to them.. Then, my 2 boys Keith & Keane came running towards me with tears in their eyes.

"Teacher Jerry! We forgot to bring our swimming costume! How How How!"

"Ya la! Our maid forget to bring our swimming costume! How How How!!"

"I so sad! I cannot swim!!"

"If I cannot swim, I am not going home!"

Awww... For the 1st time, I see my kiddos cry coz they forget to bring their swimming costume. I must admit, at that moment, I was touched. Touched by the fact that these 2 boys, though its only their 2nd lesson with me, they are already so in love with swimming. =)

And Yes! I don't even know my b`day is coming until I start receiving presents and birthday wishes from you all!

So, here's my VVIP thanks to you guys! Baby Summer, Gerald parents (mummy same b`day as me! Happy Birthday! =)), Kelly parents, Alvis & Arion parents, Ryan & Rusell parents, Natasha, Natalie & Timothy mummy!

Thank You all for wishing me my 10th Happy Birthday! =p

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Xiaoxin ... said...

hahahahah, happy 10th bday, dear ...