Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Birthday @ Marina Bay Sands

This is super duper over due. Nevertheless, still must blog about it.

We went over to the newly opened Marina Bay Sands to celebrate my birthday the other day. Nope. Not for the Casino. But for THE INFINITY POOL!Such a rare occasion where everyone in the Family could actually get together! =) Count the number of candles & I'm 7yrs old! =pOur Hotel was @ Level 18, Room 18. Hur hur... 1818!! Huat ah! =pTeacher Jerry getting all excited for his first swim @ THE INFINITY POOL!!
Gotta change lifts @ level 37. See the difference in the view!The Infinity pool @ level 57 makes everything worth it. As I swim my freestyle in that pool, every breath I take, I could see nothing but the horizon & the warm golden colour of the sunset. Ah~~ Heaven.The sunset & beautiful horizon that mesmerise me.Love the photos below. Black & White. =pThough everything was simple & kept low profile but nothing beats having quality time with the family and love ones. We spent nearly 2hrs in The Infinity Pool taking tons of photos and laughter. Hee...

I love my birthday and my family! =p


--andy-- said...

u call swimming at Infinity "low profile"? **cough cough ** How I envy u :p

Jerry Toh said...

hee... yeah... @ MBS, we are considered low profile as comapred to the tourist there... =p

Dun need to envy la.. go to MBS webby n book a hotel for ur family! They will enjoy the stay & esp the pool! Hee.. =)