Friday, 30 July 2010

Dear Students & Parents,

Kindly take note that there is no Swimming lessons on 29 (Thursday), 30 (Friday), 31 (Saturday) July & 1 (Sunday) August 2010 as it's the 5th week.

Everyone pls enjoy your breaks! Hee

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


"I am a Teacher with a mission. I want to teach as many children as I can reach, not only how to swim but the values of life & Sportsmanship."
- Jerry Toh

And my dear brother finally reach adult hood! =) In a short note, his party was so heartwarming & cosy.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Girl, 8, drowns in condo pool

Reference: The Electric New Paper, Singapore
Girl, 8, drowns in condo pool

She waited for gate to open & sneaked in

By Chong Shin Yen
July 22, 2010

He was washing the dishes after lunch when his elder daughter called out to him.

Wee Ye Li, 8, told her father that she wanted to go downstairs to play.

It was the last time he saw the girl alive. Ye Li later drowned in the pool of a nearby condominium.

The Primary 2 girl had taken her four-year-old sister to look for their seven-year-old neighbour. The trio then sneaked into Evergreen Park condominium to splash in the pool at about noon last Saturday.

Ye Li's mother, Madam Fu Yamei, 41, told The New Paper in Mandarin: "My younger daughter said that she didn't go into the pool.

"She sat near the pool and played by herself. But a while later, she looked up and couldn't find her sister."

Unknown to the little girl, her sister, who didn't know how to swim, was struggling in the pool.

By the time help came and Ye Li was pulled out of the water, she was unconscious.

The case has been classified as "unnatural death" and investigations are ongoing.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Birthday @ Marina Bay Sands

This is super duper over due. Nevertheless, still must blog about it.

We went over to the newly opened Marina Bay Sands to celebrate my birthday the other day. Nope. Not for the Casino. But for THE INFINITY POOL!Such a rare occasion where everyone in the Family could actually get together! =) Count the number of candles & I'm 7yrs old! =pOur Hotel was @ Level 18, Room 18. Hur hur... 1818!! Huat ah! =pTeacher Jerry getting all excited for his first swim @ THE INFINITY POOL!!
Gotta change lifts @ level 37. See the difference in the view!The Infinity pool @ level 57 makes everything worth it. As I swim my freestyle in that pool, every breath I take, I could see nothing but the horizon & the warm golden colour of the sunset. Ah~~ Heaven.The sunset & beautiful horizon that mesmerise me.Love the photos below. Black & White. =pThough everything was simple & kept low profile but nothing beats having quality time with the family and love ones. We spent nearly 2hrs in The Infinity Pool taking tons of photos and laughter. Hee...

I love my birthday and my family! =p

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Happy Birthday!

It's been a super duper fast paced and busy week! No time to blog at all tot there are tons of wonderful photos.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday! =)

Monday, 12 July 2010

For the First Time

Last sat, for the first time, my students cried when they saw me. Puzzled me. *shrugs*

For a moment, I thought what has happened to them.. Then, my 2 boys Keith & Keane came running towards me with tears in their eyes.

"Teacher Jerry! We forgot to bring our swimming costume! How How How!"

"Ya la! Our maid forget to bring our swimming costume! How How How!!"

"I so sad! I cannot swim!!"

"If I cannot swim, I am not going home!"

Awww... For the 1st time, I see my kiddos cry coz they forget to bring their swimming costume. I must admit, at that moment, I was touched. Touched by the fact that these 2 boys, though its only their 2nd lesson with me, they are already so in love with swimming. =)

And Yes! I don't even know my b`day is coming until I start receiving presents and birthday wishes from you all!

So, here's my VVIP thanks to you guys! Baby Summer, Gerald parents (mummy same b`day as me! Happy Birthday! =)), Kelly parents, Alvis & Arion parents, Ryan & Rusell parents, Natasha, Natalie & Timothy mummy!

Thank You all for wishing me my 10th Happy Birthday! =p

Monday, 5 July 2010

A Wild Weekend.

It was a wild week! If the introduction of the "noodles" few weeks back was crazy. This week introduction of the Life Jackets to the kiddos must have been wild for them. Hee....I love their expression when they saw the bright orange life jacket on the floor. They would go.. "Teacher Jerry. Is that a life Jacket?" "Teacher Jerry. Can we wear that?" "Teacher Jerry.." "Teacher Jerry..."

Of course, Rules & Regulations always must be explained to them first else, you will see them jumping around like superman or like what my Nigel did - BuzzLight Year!

He wore his life jacket and showed me a BuzzLight Year Posture and shouted "Teacher Jerry! To Infinity & Beyond!" hee... Classic

Explaining to my kiddos how to enter the water with their life jacket..Explaining to the kids how to perform a Huddle Position.The kids love it! I love it too! That's how a family should look like. Like what Jackie says on her fb. "A Chain of Love, Passion & Determination."1 thing I'm glad about this Swimsafer Programme is the use of the life jacket. At least, now I know, most of my kiddos know how to use a life jacket. Be it an air crisis or a ship crisis (Pui! Pui! Touch Wood!) At least these kids now know how to jump into the sea with their life jacket on correctly and how to keep themselves warm. =)And of course, how can I missed out on letting them swim a few laps.

Hee... Look at this photo taken by Mummy Jackie and you will know, Alvis is kicking correctly! Knees below water and the toes are kicking the water as though it's boiling. =pIt's always a fulfillment to see them enjoying themselves! =)All photos are courtesy of Mummy Jackie. Thanks Jackie! =)

Friday, 2 July 2010

No more make up lessons.

All these years, when ever a parent or a student request for make up lessons for whatsoever reasons. I never rejected. I never say No. In fact, as far as I could, I will try my very best to squeeze them into my next available class.

However, as you all know, Starting from July, our class size is limited to max 10 students/class. Therefore, no longer can I arrange make up lessons if you missed your class (Both private & group classes).

This is to be fair to both the student and for myself.

Reason #1: If the student keep missing class knowing for the fact that Teacher Jerry will conduct a make up lesson for him, he's not going to put his heart & soul into his own time management. Because - "Teacher Jerry will make up for me if I miss his class."

And when the parents don't see results, they question Teacher Jerry. "How come my child not improving?" In the very 1st place, have your child been regularly attending his lessons?

Reason #2: I think, it's a respect for us if you know that you have your swimming lessons and do not arrange other activities during that time slot. Yes, I understand that some events,activities,issues are inevitable.

But knowing that you give your 1st priority to your swimming lessons before anything else, makes us feel that all my hard work in coaching you is worthwhile.

Can you imagine Teacher Jerry smsing you and say "Today lesson cancel. I not free."? I think it's not fair to both the student and the teacher.

It takes 2 hands to clap. Similarly, it takes the efforts of 3 parties in education to see results. The Teacher, The Student & The Parent.

I dare to say, ever since I started coaching. I've been giving my all to each and every one child that comes under both me & Teacher Rae coaching. No matter what, our lessons and children come first before anything.

And no, I'm not going to tell you about the sacrifices we have made, things we have given up and how persistence & stubborn we've been in giving our best to the children. Because, we did all these willingly. We always say to each other “只求付出,不求回报” (Commitment is all we ask for. We don't ask for anything in return)

We are just very simple coaches. We don't need you to give us any awards, any titles, any gifts or presents. We just want to do our best in coaching our children. That's our commitment.