Saturday, 12 June 2010

Toy Story 3!

Toy Story 3 is coming!!! WOOo HOOOoo! The kids and I were talking about it in the pool.. Haha...

My kiddos are great lor! They just see the trailer and they can tell what's happening in the new movie! Wahaha.. And they were discussing if Andy will just want Woody or Buzz Lightyear. Of course Andy will go for Buzz Light year!

Cause, he's my favourite! Lolx...He's always on the mission of rescuing since Toy Story 1 & 2. So, in Toy Story 3, I wanna see him go around rescuing and use his "Laser". Hee... But no one knows the answer, until u go watch it!

So ask me now, and I will give u a face of Woody! HUH!!!Here's the trailer!

And my favourite scene from the trailer will be the new shape of Mr Potato! Whahaa....If u watched Toy story 1 & 2, u will noe Mr Potato eyes,ears, nose ,mouth and moustache can be removed!! And Yes. The kids make me so angry today that I couldn't help but bring Mr Potato out...

After numerous times of repeating myself.....

Kiddos: "Teacher Jerry, I never hear what you say."
Me(Taking a deep breath): "Good. U know Toy Story?"
Kiddos: "Yeah yeah!! Buzz light Year!! Woody!! Toy Story 3!!"
Me: "Good. You know, Toy story got this Mr Potato?"
Kiddos: "YEah!!!"
Me: "1 more time, whoever not listening to me, I'm going to pluck out ur ears like Mr potato and place them on the front. HUMP!" Hee.....

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