Sunday, 6 June 2010

Gatsby Facial Wash

I must admit. Usually, I wont be tempted by the television advertisements to buy their products.

But this time round, Gatsby ads simply captured my heart. Even though, I know after using their facial wash, Teacher Jerry will still be Teacher Jerry and turning into Kimura Takuya is quite impossible but I'm still hoping my $6.20 of Gatsby facial wash can have the magic. Hahaha.... =p

I got myself the Triple Scrub and it feels great after my 1st wash! It's refreshing and knowing there's a certain percentage of chances in becoming the next Kimura Takuya kinda helps! Lolx...
Now time to sing song... "I.... Can... Give You... Gatsby...."


Lorraine said...

Jerry!! 你被骗了!!

Xiaoxin ... said...

Precisely. My silly bf. The gf's mom opens a beauty salon, still so gullible.

Jerry Toh said...

Got wash Got chance.

Never wash, no chance at all. =)