Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Best Rewards

The best kind of Rewards for any teachers does not comes in the form of Presents or Gifts. Nor does it comes from any Prizes or Monetary Stuff.

The best kind if you were to ask me. A simple Thank You from our own students.

From a non-swimmer who cant even swim the breadth of the Medium pool to a swimmer who is now swimming continuous lap @ the deep pool (lane 4 some more! Ai Say!! ) =p

From a non-swimmer who will only visits the swimming pool every Wednesday just because he gotta swimming lessons on that day. So no choice, die die must come. To a swimmer who makes regular trips down to the pool every week. (Well, @ least it's every Sunday!) =)

It's amazing isn't it. To see such transformation I can do to help a student. Oh and this student is somewhere in his (30's, 40's). Whats ur age ah RAMA!? Hee... A great father of 2 kids! =)

Rama used to say this proudly to his classmates in his swimming classes. "If I am willing take 30 lessons to master my breast stroke. You all won't take so long." But then again, He didn't take such a long time lar. Minus away his absence, minus away his frequent trip to China, minus here and there, I think all in all, he took just 15-20lessons only. =p
It was such a heartwarming moment when he came this afternoon to me and said. "Jerry, I must really thank you. Even though my kids are not here for swimming lessons today. I am still motivated to come for swimming today."

That Thank You makes all my coaching all worthwhile. =) Bear in mind, It RAINED today!

So, Rama. Here's what you should do. PA is now looking for their STAR TRAINER 2011. Go and make ur nominations! Wahahaha...

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