Monday, 24 May 2010

Save the earth!

Project Codename: Mother Earth
Date: 23 May 2010
The TOHs' family started this project on 4th May. And this is the amount of plastic bottles we consumed within a span of 20days! Insane!

Like always, we know that plastic is harmful to the earth. So, guess what! We found a recycling machine in NTUC! YEah!!!

Guess how many bottles there are!!!I am just so excited playing with the machine! Hahaha... Throw in 1 bottle and 1 sec later, it's all gone! =pThe TOHs' recycled a total of 65 bottles! WOOOo HOOoooo! =p

Go Go... Go and collect ur plastic bottles/cans and play the machines @ Marine Parade, AMK or City Square Mall NTUC!! =p

p/s: My camera is dead. Unable to show u guys our new toys. Well, guess it's gonna be a secret for our family then. haha... Which means, u come for lesson then u will get to see the new toys! Haha... The kids love their new toys so much... Hee.... =p


Michelle poh said...

Plastic is not only harmful to earth ... It is harmful to our body too, especially when they are used to store liquid..

keith said...

u know u can also recycle cans