Monday, 17 May 2010

Swimsafer kiddos...

Over the weekends, my kids started learning on the new syllabus - SWIMSAFER.

Well, the official launch date for SWIMSAFER is on July 5th, but no one says, they cant learn before that right... And since, I'm so supportive of the whole new syllabus, I just can't wait to teach the kiddos! =)

Like I said, NASSA is gonna be replaced by a whole new syllabus known as SWIMSAFER. By now, most parents would already know what's SWIMSAFER. Hee... And alot of parents asked me if this new syllabus is better?

My answer is YES! Here's why... SWIMSAFER focus on water survival and lifesaving skills. Which is really good and important for the kiddos. My theory is very simple. No matter how strong a swimmer you are. When it comes to distress in water/sea and you dunnoe what to do, that's it.

And this. Coming from a swimming coach who has lost 2 friends out there in sea. I guess, it basically says it all ya?

At least now I know, my kiddos know what to do with a floatation device and signal distress.

At least now I know, my kiddos are going to have a higher chance of survival in water and in sea.

At least now I know, my kiddos are going to know how to use a life jacket.Alot of times, drowning/accident happens due to negligence. A simple negligence like not putting on a life jacket while out at sea might just take 1 life away.

That's where, Education comes in. We educate the kids on the importance of Life Jacket while out at sea, and water survival skills and as they grow older, this knowledge is going to be with them for the rest of their life.And when I asked the kids, "What are you going to do if your boat sinks and you got a swimming board with you?"

The best answer so far... "Teacher Jerry! I'm going to take food with me. Cause I scared I hungry!" Hahaha... =p

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