Sunday, 30 May 2010

Mr. Lee, the barber in the alley

The other day, after I saw this video online, I just knew that I gotta go visit this man! So, there I am! =)

I am touched by his perseverance in hanging on to his passion.
I am touched that even though at his age, he could have easily retired but he choose to continue with his trade.
I am touched by the fact that no matter how hard the environment pushes him around, he's still so determine to give his customers a good hair cut.
Mostly, I am touched by the fact that he's always so joyful and happy no matter what happens! =)

Having a hair cut with Mr Lee isn't just a mere hair cut, it's more of a conversation with a grandpa who teaches u the fact of life at the same time. =)

Oh! My haircut session lasted 30mins. That's how engrossed we were in chatting with each other. =)

30mins with Mr Lee and I've learnt so much about hanging on to ur passion no matter how difficult it is. Because, if it's truly your passion, you will protect it as though it's your precious. =)

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