Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ip Man 2...

... is a great movie by a great actor! Go Watch!

Donnie Yen acts really well in this movie!! In it, he portrays the challenges a Teacher faces in pursuit of his passion. How he protects his students when they get into trouble. And most importantly, the values he teaches to them.

And Yes! After the movie, if you are waving ur hands around in the air, nothing wrong about that... =p That's call "wing chung"

I'm so inspired by this movie that I wrote a short story! =p So, here goes...

There was this man who kept running...
He didnt know where to go. He only knew, he has to keep running
Because, he heard that there was a "Finish line" ahead.

So, he ran & ran.
One day, he ran into this village.
The villagers asked him "Hey! Join us for a meal!"
He replied. "Sorry, no time. Got to run."
And off he went... Running towards the Finish Line.

He couldn't see and didnt know where the finish line was
But he just kept running.

One day, he ran into another village.
The villagers asked him "Hey! Spend some time with us! Let's play together!"
He replied. "Sorry, no time. Got to run."
And off he went... Running towards the Finish Line.

After running for a long time, he saw an old man.
The old man said "Hey! Join me for some tea."
He replied. "Sorry, no time. Got to run."

Old man asked him. "Where are u running to?"
He replied "My finish line."

30yrs later. He finally reached the finish line. But, there was no one there to cheer him nor congratulate him. All of a sudden, he felt so lonely. As he looked back, he realised that he lost his family, friends and mentor.

Morale of the story:
Yes, it's important to chase after the "Ultimate Dreams" in life, be it materialise item or monetary items. But, spending time with your love ones, shouldn't that be our "Daily Dreams"?

Alot of times, Family & friends just wish to have a good dinner with us but often then not, we always gave the standard answer "Sorry. Cant. Busy." If you look back, what is it that you are really busy with? How much time can a dinner takes you? 45mins? 1hour? 2 hour?

Remember this. Money that's lost can always be earned back. Stuff that are spoilt can always be brought back. But time & youth lost with your love ones, that's something that will be lost forever.

Treasure your love ones before it's too late. =)

P/s: Mother Day's coming! A simple suggestion for a family dinner together will definitely bring a smile on her face. That's more valuable than any presents.

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