Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Drowning can be prevented.

After my post yesterday, I reflected alot.

Things like the past, the present and the future. But mostly, I missed. I missed on so much people... Memories of the past surfaced. It's been almost 5yrs since Jiahui passed on and 3yrs since Reuben passed on.. Time flies yeah?

And now, finally, Water Safety is a big part in swimming lessons. Am I not glad! Long long time ago, kids should have been taught about water safety. Just that, there was no rule/law, saying that the kids must know everything about water safety.

Most of us tot, Can swim = Will not drown. And how wrong have we proven ourselves? That's just human beings. We take things for granted and we start to regret only after we lose something/someone.

If there's something that could be done to prevent drowning. What are we waiting for? I'll be the 1st one to teach the kiddos. It doesnt matter how young or old my kiddos are. It doesnt even matter how fast or slow my kiddos swim in water.

I just want all of them to know how to survive in water the next time they are in distress. My aim for my cute little kiddos? SWIMSAFER Stage 1 by the end of July. Is it a big ambition? Yes. If I were some super hero, I would make sure everyone around the world is WaterSafe and Drown-proofed. Well, I'm not. But at least, I can Water Safe the kiddos under my wings at the moment.

I'm not saying 100% nothing will happen in the future. But for now, at least, I know. My kiddos have a better knowledge in water safety and survival. Drowning can be prevented. And yes. Prevention is better than cure.

Rest in peace my dear friends. I miss u guys.

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