Sunday, 30 May 2010

Mr. Lee, the barber in the alley

The other day, after I saw this video online, I just knew that I gotta go visit this man! So, there I am! =)

I am touched by his perseverance in hanging on to his passion.
I am touched that even though at his age, he could have easily retired but he choose to continue with his trade.
I am touched by the fact that no matter how hard the environment pushes him around, he's still so determine to give his customers a good hair cut.
Mostly, I am touched by the fact that he's always so joyful and happy no matter what happens! =)

Having a hair cut with Mr Lee isn't just a mere hair cut, it's more of a conversation with a grandpa who teaches u the fact of life at the same time. =)

Oh! My haircut session lasted 30mins. That's how engrossed we were in chatting with each other. =)

30mins with Mr Lee and I've learnt so much about hanging on to ur passion no matter how difficult it is. Because, if it's truly your passion, you will protect it as though it's your precious. =)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Save the earth!

Project Codename: Mother Earth
Date: 23 May 2010
The TOHs' family started this project on 4th May. And this is the amount of plastic bottles we consumed within a span of 20days! Insane!

Like always, we know that plastic is harmful to the earth. So, guess what! We found a recycling machine in NTUC! YEah!!!

Guess how many bottles there are!!!I am just so excited playing with the machine! Hahaha... Throw in 1 bottle and 1 sec later, it's all gone! =pThe TOHs' recycled a total of 65 bottles! WOOOo HOOoooo! =p

Go Go... Go and collect ur plastic bottles/cans and play the machines @ Marine Parade, AMK or City Square Mall NTUC!! =p

p/s: My camera is dead. Unable to show u guys our new toys. Well, guess it's gonna be a secret for our family then. haha... Which means, u come for lesson then u will get to see the new toys! Haha... The kids love their new toys so much... Hee.... =p

Direct from Korea!

My korean student gave me this for snacks! :) Direct from korea. Yummmy!

No wonder my tummy is growing.. Hee..
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Saturday, 22 May 2010

New Toys!

New toys makes my kiddos go crazy... Fri class went crazy. Sat class also ki siao... Let's see if my sun class kiddos will go crazy over their new toys.. Whahaa....

Stay tune for the new toys! =p

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Teacher Jerry is looking for the mummy who have whatsapp me with regards to your 2kids swimming lesson for the June holidays.

Sorry my bb auto restarted and I could not retrieve the message anymore. Could u kindly sms me ur kids details again?

Sorry! Newbie to bb..
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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My kids make me hungry...

The #1 item on my kids brainy is FOOD!

Teacher Jerry was making announcement to the kids about the change of syllabus... And it doesnt happen to just 1 class...

"Ok! Children! Listen ah! From July onwards,no more Nassa. We change syllabus to SwimSafer."

And my cute little darlings will go... "Huh? Laksa? Teacher Jerry wat Laksa!?"
It's NA-SA! Not Laksa.... Hahaha... I must have make them swim too much laps.. Then again, announcement was made before the lesson starts! Hmmmm...

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Drowning can be prevented.

After my post yesterday, I reflected alot.

Things like the past, the present and the future. But mostly, I missed. I missed on so much people... Memories of the past surfaced. It's been almost 5yrs since Jiahui passed on and 3yrs since Reuben passed on.. Time flies yeah?

And now, finally, Water Safety is a big part in swimming lessons. Am I not glad! Long long time ago, kids should have been taught about water safety. Just that, there was no rule/law, saying that the kids must know everything about water safety.

Most of us tot, Can swim = Will not drown. And how wrong have we proven ourselves? That's just human beings. We take things for granted and we start to regret only after we lose something/someone.

If there's something that could be done to prevent drowning. What are we waiting for? I'll be the 1st one to teach the kiddos. It doesnt matter how young or old my kiddos are. It doesnt even matter how fast or slow my kiddos swim in water.

I just want all of them to know how to survive in water the next time they are in distress. My aim for my cute little kiddos? SWIMSAFER Stage 1 by the end of July. Is it a big ambition? Yes. If I were some super hero, I would make sure everyone around the world is WaterSafe and Drown-proofed. Well, I'm not. But at least, I can Water Safe the kiddos under my wings at the moment.

I'm not saying 100% nothing will happen in the future. But for now, at least, I know. My kiddos have a better knowledge in water safety and survival. Drowning can be prevented. And yes. Prevention is better than cure.

Rest in peace my dear friends. I miss u guys.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Swimsafer kiddos...

Over the weekends, my kids started learning on the new syllabus - SWIMSAFER.

Well, the official launch date for SWIMSAFER is on July 5th, but no one says, they cant learn before that right... And since, I'm so supportive of the whole new syllabus, I just can't wait to teach the kiddos! =)

Like I said, NASSA is gonna be replaced by a whole new syllabus known as SWIMSAFER. By now, most parents would already know what's SWIMSAFER. Hee... And alot of parents asked me if this new syllabus is better?

My answer is YES! Here's why... SWIMSAFER focus on water survival and lifesaving skills. Which is really good and important for the kiddos. My theory is very simple. No matter how strong a swimmer you are. When it comes to distress in water/sea and you dunnoe what to do, that's it.

And this. Coming from a swimming coach who has lost 2 friends out there in sea. I guess, it basically says it all ya?

At least now I know, my kiddos know what to do with a floatation device and signal distress.

At least now I know, my kiddos are going to have a higher chance of survival in water and in sea.

At least now I know, my kiddos are going to know how to use a life jacket.Alot of times, drowning/accident happens due to negligence. A simple negligence like not putting on a life jacket while out at sea might just take 1 life away.

That's where, Education comes in. We educate the kids on the importance of Life Jacket while out at sea, and water survival skills and as they grow older, this knowledge is going to be with them for the rest of their life.And when I asked the kids, "What are you going to do if your boat sinks and you got a swimming board with you?"

The best answer so far... "Teacher Jerry! I'm going to take food with me. Cause I scared I hungry!" Hahaha... =p

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Love, Given Freely, Multiples & Returns

Love is the most powerful energy in the world, so powerful it cannot be governed by scientific laws.

My teaching in Swimming is a gift I can share. It's so much a part of me, when I teach I feel like I'm sharing myself with whoever is there learning.

I hope the kids can feel the love I'm sending. It comes back to me and accumulates into an irresistible force; I feel like I can accomplish anything.

Extracted from I Am Potential - Patrick Henry. Some parts have been edited to reflect on my thoughts which is similiar to Patrick Henry! :)
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Wednesday, 12 May 2010


It's a totally new Syllbus! More fun for the kids! WOooo HOOoooo!! :p

Monday, 10 May 2010

Parents Meeting

Dear Parents,

Most of you should have receive from your kids my letter with regards to the change in syllbus -SWIMSAFER.

If you have not receive it, no worries. =)

I will be having a parents' meeting with you all starting from 14 May 2010. Till then, See you!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ip Man 2...

... is a great movie by a great actor! Go Watch!

Donnie Yen acts really well in this movie!! In it, he portrays the challenges a Teacher faces in pursuit of his passion. How he protects his students when they get into trouble. And most importantly, the values he teaches to them.

And Yes! After the movie, if you are waving ur hands around in the air, nothing wrong about that... =p That's call "wing chung"

I'm so inspired by this movie that I wrote a short story! =p So, here goes...

There was this man who kept running...
He didnt know where to go. He only knew, he has to keep running
Because, he heard that there was a "Finish line" ahead.

So, he ran & ran.
One day, he ran into this village.
The villagers asked him "Hey! Join us for a meal!"
He replied. "Sorry, no time. Got to run."
And off he went... Running towards the Finish Line.

He couldn't see and didnt know where the finish line was
But he just kept running.

One day, he ran into another village.
The villagers asked him "Hey! Spend some time with us! Let's play together!"
He replied. "Sorry, no time. Got to run."
And off he went... Running towards the Finish Line.

After running for a long time, he saw an old man.
The old man said "Hey! Join me for some tea."
He replied. "Sorry, no time. Got to run."

Old man asked him. "Where are u running to?"
He replied "My finish line."

30yrs later. He finally reached the finish line. But, there was no one there to cheer him nor congratulate him. All of a sudden, he felt so lonely. As he looked back, he realised that he lost his family, friends and mentor.

Morale of the story:
Yes, it's important to chase after the "Ultimate Dreams" in life, be it materialise item or monetary items. But, spending time with your love ones, shouldn't that be our "Daily Dreams"?

Alot of times, Family & friends just wish to have a good dinner with us but often then not, we always gave the standard answer "Sorry. Cant. Busy." If you look back, what is it that you are really busy with? How much time can a dinner takes you? 45mins? 1hour? 2 hour?

Remember this. Money that's lost can always be earned back. Stuff that are spoilt can always be brought back. But time & youth lost with your love ones, that's something that will be lost forever.

Treasure your love ones before it's too late. =)

P/s: Mother Day's coming! A simple suggestion for a family dinner together will definitely bring a smile on her face. That's more valuable than any presents.