Thursday, 8 April 2010

Well Done Kerstin!

Was at Choa Chu Kang Stadium earlier this morning to support my "Pioneer" Student Kerstin! Hee... Ya, she's not swimming but running now... But still, Teacher Jerry is always there to support my kids whenever they ask me to! =)Kerstin invited me to her heats about 1 month ago. And I could really feel she wants my presence to be there. 3 days prior, she kept smsing and calling me to remind me of her heats. I know how important this race meant to her. So, I die die must be there! =)

She took part in the 80m "C" Division Girls Hurdle. Getting her blocks ready... She's 2nd from the right!!Take ur mark....Get Set....And off she goes! She was leading for the 1st 2 hurdle... Until the 3rd.Personal note to Kerstin(Yes, Teacher Jerry knows you will be reading this.) :

Never mind the fact that those long legs of yours touched the bar and caused u that fall.
Never mind the fact that you might not have met your personal best timing.
Never mind the fact that you might not have a place in the finals.

What matters is, the very fact that you gave your very best in the heats.
What matters is, the very fact that you did not give up after that fall.
What matters is, the very fact that you stood up on your own and completed your race.
What matters is, the very fact that despite that fall, you were not the last to finish.

And most importantly, you earned a very valuable experience that some world class athlete might not even have experienced before. Seeing you stood up immediately and completing your race after that fall touches me so much..

You have grown up and I'm so proud of you. At this point of time, You are already a champion in Teacher Jerry heart because you have learned what an athlete should have. Perseverance and determination.6 years ago, we met thru swimming. 6 years later, there I am cheering you in your niche sport - Running. So Kerstin, keep running. Teacher Jerry will still be there supporting you be it 6yrs or 60yrs (I'll still be young! =p)

A video I hope you will like. You got a dream. You got to protect it. =) Lastly, I just wanna let you know Teacher Jerry is super proud of you today and Jiayou Jiayou Jiayou my future Olympic runner!

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