Monday, 26 April 2010

Tooth Fairy came for a swim!!

Trust me when I say amazing things happen to amazing ppl!!

#1, we all know that our teeth will 1 day be shaky and it will come off so that the new ones can grow. That's a fact right...

#2, usually we will go to the dentist to extract that tooth or just let it come off naturally.

Keng Yan tooth was shaky too. Nothing wrong abt that. Amazing thing was, half way thru his swimming lesson, he stood up, walked towards me showing me a baby tooth and say "Teacher Jerry, my tooth drop liao!!!"

Wah lao! For a moment, I thought he got into a fight or got hit by someone. Then he open his jaws and showed me his new grown tooth and say. See! Now my new tooth got space to grow!

And what's most amazing was. His baby tooth is like so small lor.. how did he even manage to grab hold of that tiny tooth in the big blue swimming pool!?!

I can't help but believe that, that day, Tooth fairy visited the swimming pool for a swim! =)

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