Thursday, 1 April 2010

Star Sports Blogger

I Won!! I Won!!! Lolx... I won it but in a different way.. =)

Firstly, I wanna say Thank You to all the 87 ppl who voted for me. At the same time, I also wanna say Sorry for disappointing you all.

Contrary to what "haha!!" said on my cbox. Nope, out of the 87 ppl who voted for me. I only knew 3 ppl.

Which means, thru this contest, I get 84 new friends! WOOoo HOoooo!! I'm a winner! Yeah! Thanks guys! Especially when I saw what you guys wrote, it simply touches my heart!

Pui Foong
Jerry Toh. Like his blog about swimming and how he teaches kids. Swimming is a great sport!

Manru Teo
Opps. i forgot to write why i think Jerry Toh would win. Because i like the way he write about how he teaches those children to swim. So passionate. The way he talk about he's lesson it's good as it cultivate swimming into the life of those children using different ways. sports for life starts from young, isn't it? Cheers :)

Firus Faizal
All my money on JERRY TOH!!!It is because of his words in his blog to motivate his young swimmers that makes me pick up this sport again after so many years. I used to love swimming when i was in primary school, and i feel so much balanced about my life in general after picking up and loving this sport all over again.Thanks Jerry!!=]

Lau Yue Loon
Jerry Toh gets my Vote. His Blogs are interesting!

Ah Chan
My guess is Jerry Toh. Very interesting blog

Pat Chan
Jerry Toh fo' shizzle!

Isabillah Muhd Isa Er
I vote 4 Jerry Toh cos his blog got substances...

Norhanah Eksan
Jerry Toh will be THE Star Sports Blogger!

Kian Hong Er
Jerry Toh is the winner and will be the winner of the Star Sports Blogger Contest

Chua Ai Ni
Jerry Toh. Because he is passionate about what he does which is being a swimming coach:)

Rahayu Popz
Jerry Toh. A very good and enjoyable read. Was glued on it for quite some time for someone with a short attention span.

Poiuy Oink
Jerry Toh. Not only for his contents in his blog, he has also includes daily life of people surrounded by the sportman. Many interesting articles since 2007, definitely worth my vote!

Jeremiah Kwok Chen Wah
Jerry Toh for his dedication and the way he encourages his young charges... inspirational coach :)

Chiang Yi Chen
Jerry Toh. "The Swimming Coach that blogs all about swimming, kids, fun & fun! =) Be touched. Be inspired." Interesting

Bernard Chung
I vote for Jerry Toh because his passion and desire to share his knowledge and passion is very inspiring. He truly deserves some recognition!

Xiaoxin Toh
Definately JERRY TOH! His blog is all about sports and dated all the way back to 2007!Not only is his blog inspiring and motivating to alot of ppl, he also share alot of views on life & dreams. Which is really important in encouraging our younger generation!A humble, cute & interesting Swimming coach who really suits to be the winner of Star sports blogger

Wong Ky
Jerry Toh as he seems dedicated in teaching the younger generation swimming. Like the way he encourages them!

Jiarui Toh
Jerry Toh ought to be the winner! He bring swimming to the kids in a unconventional way apart from the old tradition way. His blog is certainly very insipration!All the best Jerry! Keep up the good work! :)

Norin Chua
Jerry Toh will win!!:D Very entertaining to read and it fits the theme Star Sport blogger. Most of the contestants blog didnt even fit the theme. Go Go Go!

Eddie Tan
I think it will be Jerry Toh. Swimming is a topic that connects with almost everyone, as opposed to certain specialized sports. So on readership and agreeableness, the blog would stand out.

Ernest Yeam Wee Leong
The person to win should be Jerry Toh based on my own opinion. He brought about a new perspectives to sports, making it engaging and interactive.

Deve Soh
I vote for Jerry Toh - He's very inspiring and motivating not only in sports but in life in general as well - my kind of sports hero and everyday champion, yeah :-)

Alice Chua
Jerry Toh!Cause Tom and JERRY! HAHAHAHA

Yeo Lily
Jerry Toh coz he inspires the younger generation. Keep up yr good work!

How could I not tear abit when I saw all these comments you guys left on the facebook. It simply just re enhanced my passion and love for swimming and kids.

If I were to win this contest, then my kids will no longer call me Teacher Jerry. They will call me Blogger Jerry. Which is not what I want. I'm a Teacher. Not a blogger.

Also, I enjoyed sharing meaningful stuff thru my blog. Imagine 1 day, this blog becomes so commercialised with all the ads.... Nah~ Things are better left this way, Simple. Simple. Simple.

Still, it's heartening to know that this simple humble blog of mine has inspired so many ppl out there. Thank you. I really thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you guys have given to me. You guys are simply amazing with all the comments! =)

So, I believed I have won the contest. Not in terms of prizes of course.. But in terms of F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Hello my new Friends! All 84 of you! Hello! Hee.... =)

P.s: Congratulations to all the winners. And sorry to my darling didi. Kor kor cant give u a Macbook for ur trip to Australia. Never mind, I save up for 1 month then go buy you a laptop! =)

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