Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Seeing Double?

Seeing Double? Yes! That's right! My 4 pairs of precious twins! =) Hee... Till now, Honestly other than Timothy and Natasha (My Fraternal Twins), my 3 pair of boy twins I honestly have a problem identifying them!)

The best way to recognise them is thru their goggles! (So, if 1 day they exchange their goggles, that's it! Hahaa

Alvis wears an orange goggle while Arion wear a Blue one.

Jie Ying wears a red goggles while Zhi Ying wears a black one.

Nigel wears a blue goggles while Oliver wears a green one.

Hee... And among the twins, the most common thing they do best is CONFUSING me! They can switch identity so easily that most of the time I will be tricked by them! *Bleahz*

Never mind.. Teacher Jerry also know how to change identity... I'm going to change my identity to TOM! =p

Tom & Jerry! Hee...

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