Saturday, 24 April 2010

Magical moments

I dunnoe how to describe this magical feeling.... You know, the wonderful thing about being a Teacher is the ability to connect with the kids... and vice verse...

There are some things that no matter how hard the parents tries.. the child still dun get it. But the same thing, but coming from the Teacher, it's just different.... It's so magical... Esp when the kids get what you are trying to convey....

Anyway, my active angels never fail to surprise me with their innovations every week... Today those angels created their ideal "Sweet Teacher Jerry". Some more they can say... "Teacher Jerry, u must take photo and blog hor!" Wahahaha

So.. There u are!P/s: Well Done Joey for achieving your PB during the 51st Milo National Schools Swimming Championships in 50m Freestyle. 41sec!!!! Well done! That's like 8 secs improvement from ur last PB! Keep up the good work!

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