Friday, 2 April 2010

Hello BB!

It's good bye SONY ERICSSON & hello BLACKBERRY! =)

Basically, after just 1 year of drenching my SE in the rain & soaking it in the pool water, SE is not working for me anymore... It gets cranky everytime after a rain pour like rejecting a phone call or hanging up on the other party...

Miss Summer couldn't take the nonsense and got me a BlackBerry! WOooo HOOooo!!! Thanks! =)

Having a BlackBerry gives me more excuses to blog and update real time! So the next time if you are unsure if there's any swimming lessons due to the bad weather, check this blog! It's going to be real time! =)

P.s: Parents who have a BlackBerry, pls feel free to add me on BBM! My BBM pin is 213B7816. We can BBM and save on SMS! Wahahaha.... =)