Tuesday, 13 April 2010

51st National Inter School Swimming Championship

For the very 1st time, 2 of my kids are representing their school to take part in the National Inter School Swimming Championship... By right, should be 4 of them lor! Megan and Eileen, what happen to u gers ah! Ok, anyway, Good effort by Sarah and Randall! You kids are my proudest moments!

Look at Randall eyes! Later u will see his funny face again.. Haha...

Both my kids at the warm up pool before their event starts...Sarah dad brought her a T Shirt! I guess the T shirt says it all... Hee... =)Sarah's about to start her 50m Breaststroke. Her 1st "Dua Zhong" swimming competition.. She's on lane 6! Look at the other swimmers, all so tall! Getting all ready to plunge into the pool!! Professional leh!! =)Randall was with me @ the Grandstand watching Sarah event together. Sarah completed her race in 57.61 Sec.... And this boy look at me and say.. "Woah! All so pro!" If you have been reading my blog, you should know that I just want the kiddos to have an exposure and take in the experience of Competitive Swimming this time round...

So, I must do my job as a coach right... "Come come, take picture take picture... Dun stress, dun stress... U just give ur best can liao..."And since my eyes are already so small liao... I might as well make them even smaller! SMILE! =)And his 50m Breaststroke event is starting liao... He's on lane 7! Look at his position... Professional lor!!After completing his race in 54.16 sec, he gave me this look! Classic la my boy! Hee.....That was the end of Day 1. Below are the photos of Day 2 event... Randall took part in 100m Breaststroke.

If you were to ask me, I feel somehow, my kids have grown up alot during this competition. Not only have both of them become more independent,they have also learn how to give their best shot. Which is really important not just in sports but also in life. Well, at least I know, they will give their best shot in their future and won't give up easily.

Life is just like a sports competition. There will be times where you will feel like giving up due to 1001 reasons. But to reach the finish line, you really got to press on no matter how tough the competition maybe.

At the start of the 100m Breaststroke.. He's on lane 5 for this event! Really getting more focused and professional!! =)

The best shot I've taken so far... Nice plunge! Go Randall!!He's really tired out after 2:02:13 of swimming... Good Job Sarah & Randall! I'm so proud of u 2 kids!! Completing your individual event is one thing. Having the courage to stand on the starting platform to plunge into the water and challenge the others, that to Teacher Jerry is Courage! =)

OK! Time for BOOT CAMP liao! Hee..

P.s: When the kids are on the platform, no one ask if they have bronze,silver or gold award. =) Basically, every kids at the pool just want to either get into final 8 or break their own PB.


prince n princess mum said...

nice event!~

Jerry Toh said...

yeah!! Really nice event! The kids enjoyed it! =)

Anonymous said...

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