Monday, 29 March 2010

What is that?

Dear Children...

Before you lose your temper on your parents. Remember, to them, you are such precious little gem. That very often, when you lose your temper on them. They'll accept it in silence.

Yet, many a times, we actually forgotten the kind of hardship they went thru just so that they could give the best education, the best knowledge and the best stuff to us.

We can have a lot of friends in the world. But there will only be 1 family. 1 parent for us in this lifetime. Life is too short to be spend on throwing temper at your parents, getting angry over at the slightest things. Because, often then not, the very next moment, just when you are about to treasure them. Our love ones might not be around us anymore.

So, go ahead. Give that hug to your parents and tell them how much you love them. My mummy rejected my hug initially, but as I start giving her more n more hugs, gradually she accept them. I'm going to start kissing my dad next! =)

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