Wednesday, 17 March 2010

We are back from Tioman!!

Hello Singapore!

The kids, parents & Teacher Jerry are back home safe & sound!! Crazily Fun! None of us wanted to come back! =p You will know how much fun we have!! Hee... Too much photos to choose from liao..

In short, This trip was an awesome trip!!! =) Let's see if I'm able to upload the photos in the next few days k! Hee... I'm so shagged out now.. I guess, the kids should be knocking out soon on their bed too.. Hee.. 2 nights of late nights over @ our room.. =p

When I 1st suggested to go for this diving trip, my parents thought I was out of my mind. Bringing kids overseas is 1 thing, Bringing them to go diving?! I must be really crazy. But, a promise is a promise! =)

Arn't I glad that I kept that promise! Else they wun be able to have so much fun over there! =p

Ask me if I was worried about the diving, I will tell u. Definitely!!! Swimming in the swimming pool is 1 thing. Swimming in the deep blue sea is another. What if I lost one kid? What do I have to return them? Teacher Jerry have nothing to return the parents lorz....

But I'm so glad that they got such professionals Dive Master over there!! Thanks Grace & Ben for all the arrangements!

Ask me if I was worried about the accommodation, I will tell you. Surely!! We read so much stories about Teachers & Students go overseas trip together and "Incidents" happen. But, I'm glad that none of such "Incidents" occurred. At least to my knowledge.. =)

Ask me if I was worried about bringing the kids to Tioman, I will tell you. Of Course!! It's my 1st trip over there too! But, I'm thankful for the trust the parents & the kids have in me. =)

I bet you, the kids must be smiling themselves to bed now & still feels that they are on the ferry. Hee... Cause,

Teacher Jerry is still feeling the sea and the ferry moving! Ooops.... They know what happen to me la.. hee... =p

P.s: This trip, all the unglam side of Teacher Jerry has been discovered by the kids.. Wahaha.. Imagine lost liaoz... =p

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Katlyn said...

The kids look so happy and comfortable. Teacher Jerry must be a great fun for them. I have read so much of Malaysia and all the places of interest that I would in the distant future love to stay at a tree house at one of the Tioman Island hotels.