Friday, 19 March 2010

Tioman Trip

There's so much to blog about. I took over 400 photos and Tim have almost 200 photos with him.

I'm so lost as to where to start blogging about.. Wahahha.... I guess, you might be bored with my words, So, let the photos do the talking! =)

The Family that doesn't wanna leave the Island... @ Mersing Jetty where we wait for our Ferry...My boys and I @ the back of the Ferry where we did some crazy stuff.. Will upload the video if I can. hee...The Island of Tioman!!!Some crazy moments everyone had... Hee...The kids are all ready for their diving lessons!Suiting themselves up... Cool la! Both their teachers were fantastic & Amazing!Lessons over! Let's go see some nemos! Erm.. Sharks maybe?!We saw a sea turtle & a black tip reef shark over@ Reggis Island!!! COOL!!!!!!! WOOooo Hooo!!Crazily Fun Teacher Jerry & his crazily NOISY kids.... wahhahaaDay 2: Let's do something less crazy. Snorkeling!Nat goes snorkeling with Teacher Jerry after a 5min crash course on the boat! Wahahah Maurice & Wesley waiting for Teacher Jerry

Like I said, I must have been real crazy to bring these kids to go diving. But then again, If I dun bring them, they wouldn't have so much fun with me!!! Whahahaa.....

Although, there were some hiccups here and there, but overall, I believe everyone had a great time! Like I always say, "The right group of people going to the wrong destination, it's still right. But the wrong group of people going to the wrong destination, it's just wrong."

Luckily, we had the RIGHT group of people going to the RIGHT destination. It just makes everything perfect! =)

The kids are already bugging me to bring them back again.. wahhaa... So, let's start saving ok! Those who wanna go with Teacher Jerry, listen.. Start saving $0.50 everyday. 1 year later, your piggy bank will have enough money to go on a diving trip with Teacher Jerry!!!

You will then see all the unglam side of Teacher Jerry.. How I will get motion sickness, How I will scream when the fishes come near me =x, How I eat my half boil eggs... Whaha... Jia liat, my handsome handsome cool cool image is lost on the Island of Tioman... wahaha...

If that's still not enough to tempt you to go on a trip with Teacher Jerry. Then imagine this. Ya, you can only imagine now cause you didnt have a chance to experience it yet. =p

On this trip, we saw a sea turtle, a black tip reef shark, cuttlefish, Schools & schools of big fishes, nemos, the beautiful sunset, the soft white sandy beach, the clear blue sea, a perfect weather, no cars, no Internet, no naggings, no worries & no stress...

Now you know why the kids dun wanna come back Sg? wahha...They gotta be chasen out by the housekeepers lor! =p Hee.... In summary, It was a great & wonderful trip!

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Hi just kinda curious, what did you use to make the scrapbook layout?