Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sarah Triathlon Day!

Today was Sarah School "Triathlon Day"! She was part of the relay team where they will have 2 swimmers, each swimming 100m. After which, a skipper will skip for 60 times following which a runner will run 800m around the stadium.

Sarah was so excited when I told her Teacher Jerry going to support you ok! I just go there and say "Jiayou Jiayou!"

Last night before she went to bed, she called me again and ask.. "Teacher Jerry, you really coming?! My race is @ 9.45am. You come at 9.30am ok?"

I kept my promise! And congratulations to you Sarah for coming 1st in the event! =)
Hougang Swimming complex was the event for the swimming race...While waiting for their wave to start, Sarah and her team mate look @ other swimmers nervously....Making her relax and all smiles was my only mission for today.. Hee.. BIG SMILE! =DAs she waits for her team mate to complete her 100m swim... Currently, they are 5th in position!Quick Quick! Touch my hand.. And off she goes! GO Sarah GO!! Look @ her kicking!! =)High elbow recovery! Good Job! =)Nice hand entry! =) She's in 3rd place now....Last 50m! She feels tired and decides to change to Breaststroke... =)Gliding Gliding Gliding!!! Streamlining her body makes her a faster swimmer... =)1st swimmer out of the pool. Time to pass the job to the rest of her teammates!End of the race... Not forgetting to congratulate her friends for a good swim! =) Winning is not everything in a competition. It's about making friends, enjoying the experience and learning about Fairplay.Teacher Jerry vain pot again... Their event was delayed for awhile so it's camwhore time! =p

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