Monday, 1 March 2010

Pabi 51st Birthday!

Okok.. I watched too much Taiwanese drama liao... Pabi is the latest lingo to use for Papa. =p

It seems like only yesterday we just celebrated mami birthday. Now, we are celebrating Papa 51st Birthday! =) Young right my Pabi... hee...

As usual, our family photo... It so happened that JB was celebrating Yuan Xiao (Chinese Valentine Day) last night. So, across the beach, we could actually watched the fireworks thruout the 1 whole hour while we were dining @ Bottle Tree! So Romantic & what a way to help The World Greatest Dad celebrate his birthday. =)

Papa's rather particular about the food he eats during his birthday & we knew it lar... I mean, we have been his only 2 beloved sons for the past 20 over years. So, the 1st dish on the menu is his "Shou Mian" (Longevity Noodles) where he shall be bless for a long long life for being such a great dad! =)I love this papa of mine. Esp with his silly trademark smile. Hee...There are so many things to praise about our Papa. From quitting smoking when I was born to his endless effort in raising his 2 sons up to taking care of the family financially for the past 20 over years to fetching us up & down in his super duper big lorry to riding us on his bicycle....

And never once. Not even once has he ever beaten the 2 of us up. =) The iron hand belongs to the Iron Lady.. U all know who lar.. Our family only got 1 pretty lady.. Hee... So, my brother & I was brought up in a super balanced family.

When we were young and mischievous, 1 hand will beat us up like there's no ending, while the other hand will keep sayanging away the pain.. Aei, den again, I shouldn't use the word "We". I think it's only me. Hee.... =p

Here's a Taiwanese video about a dad's love.. Dun worry if you cant understand Chinese. Because, a dad's love is beyond words. And I truly believe, All the Dad's & Mum's love in this world are the same....

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