Monday, 22 March 2010

Motivation to exercise

Did you read The Straits Times today? I particularly like the article by Jeanette Wang titled Everyday heroes who inspires. In it, she wrote "Running, in this way, is like fire. Just a spark of inspiration or motivation is all it takes for someone to develop a burning passion for the sport."
I totally agree with this. In fact, not only just running. All kind of sports needs abit of motivation here and there sometimes. There are days where you will get lazy to move your body or leave that comfortable sofa. I'll be the 1st to admit to this! Hee...

But when you think of the benefits sports & exercise brings to your body. You will want to move alittle. Be it just a 100m short run around the void deck, be it just climbing up and down the stairs just to retrieve the mail or be it just doing 10 sit ups in your room. It's still a form of exercise.

Here's a video from the movie "Facing the Giant"

Teacher Jerry teared after this video. Sometimes, we just need that 1 person to motivate us to go further. Sometimes, we just need that 1 person to push us to our limits. Sometimes, I guess, we just need to blind ourselves from our visual limits.

Sometimes, that person who motivates us might be a fren, a coach, a stranger or perhaps even a movie. But many a times, that person might just be ourselves.

This is how I look 6 years ago... 85kg. =) Teacher Jerry "Ballooned" easily... And it doesnt help with my love for fried food, junk food & sweet stuff. I know all these stuff are bad for the body. But, I just love them. =pSo, if I dun exercise, that cute little tummy of mine sure will ballooned like no tomorrow. That's why, I try as hard as I can to go for a run everyday. Sometimes, it might just be a 30mins run, sometimes, it might be a hour run. Sometimes, it might just be 10mins of sprinting.

So long, I'm running & swimming. Subconsciously, I think I'm burning the fats again... =p Then, I won't feel so guilty eating all those junkie.. You get my point? You can eat whatever you like. Eating is a form of enjoyment. But the amount of stuff you eat must equal to the amount of exercise so as to burn them away.

You cant just have "Intake" and no "Output". "Output" in this case = Exercise. Further more, when you exercise, your body releases endorphins. Which makes you happy! Endorphins are found in chocolate too! =)
So go ahead and indulged in your fav food! But remember to exercise! I always say this.. So I'm going to say this again.. "Obesity is not by Choice. Exercise is!"

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wth that look like.....haha yor 6 years ago pic......