Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Growing up....

I changed my training programs for most of the kids over the weekends. Yes, if you have noticed. Most of them didn't wore their pyjamas...

Instead, they were doing lots of sprints & timings after timings. They must have knocked out after that.

I have a confession to make. Since I started coaching. I only knew that I'm suppose to teach the kiddos to swim & prepare them for their Nassa test, be it bronze,silver, gold or goldstar. My primary focus then was to make sure my kids have the proper and correct strokes. Sending them for competition was something that seems so time consuming and so far fetched.

But as I'm growing up... Take this year for example. So many of my kiddos and parents come asking me...

"Teacher Jerry, what's my 50m breaststroke timing huh?"
"Teacher Jerry, what's my 100m freestyle timing huh?"
"Teacher Jerry, my PE teacher ask me to represent the school in swimming competition."
"Teacher Jerry, I want to take part in swimming competition. Can?"

When the 1st kid came to me asking to go for competition, I didn't give it much thought. Then the 2nd kid came, then the 3rd kid came....

It's like this year, there are so many of them being selected by their schools to represent them for the upcoming 51st National Inter Primary Schools Swimming Championship 2010. I thought thru this for 1 whole week. Should I start preparing all my kids for 2011 swimming comp? Will the training be too tough for them to handle? Or should I just continue focusing them for NASSA test like I always did?

It's not easy to plan your training for the kids if you wanna focus on both NASSA and Competitive swimming when all you have with them is just 1hr/week.

I told all my kids + parents who are going for this year swim competition. Just enjoy the race and get the experience. If we are really going for the top 3 places, it would most likely be next year or 2012.

On a side note, there is this thing known as "Qualifying Time" for all the events & division. When I was training the kids over the weekends, they were surprised that Teacher Jerry no longer says "Ok, 2 laps 4mins."

I told them, I want all of you to come back within qualification timings!! 100m Breaststroke 2mins. The eyes on the kids face tells me they thought they heard Teacher Jerry wrongly.

Kimberly was saying.. "HUH?! What is 100m? 100m how long?"
Brian was asking... "I thought 2 laps, 4mins? I bronze only leh!"

Teacher Jerry said "From now on, Teacher Jerry going to train each and everyone of you to swim very very fast! Next year, Teacher Jerry want everyone of you to represent your school for the swimming competition. So, starting from today, we are going to talk like pro. 1 lap is 50m. So, 100m is 2 laps. And Breaststroke is Frog style. We will try to use the word Breaststroke from now on, instead of Frog style. And pls.. Don't break up my Breaststroke word."

Of course, I am still going to prepare them for the NASSA test. Just that, on top of that, I'm going to prepare these kids to achieve their personal best timing (PB). So, that when next year comes, they will know what's their PB in every events. =)

I came up with a phrase... "Just when you are worrying when is your child next bronze, silver, gold test,Others are worrying, when & how are they going to help the child achieve his/her PB."

I think I have just found a purpose in life that is bigger than me.. Training the kids competitively yet, keeping the fun as always in them... =)

Who knows, the next Tao Li of Singapore might just be trained by me! =)

P/s: I think, I'm really growing up.... together with the kids..


Xiaoxin ... said...

happy growing up :)

Jerry Toh said...

我不想不想长大。。 S.H.E... =p

Xiaoxin ... said...

didn't WEAR ok ... change pls ... not didn't WORE :p