Saturday, 13 March 2010


Congratulations to my 6 gold medalist this afternoon! Erm, ok la, too exaggerated.. =p Still, these 6 students almost scared the shit out of me for today test!

3 of them told me their pants are too loose cannot swim... 1 tell me he too stress to take the 100m, 3min test. 1 asked me wat to do for the gold test later. And 1 was so relac jack.

Ok, maybe I stressed myself too much for their test liaoz.. Well, that's because I care too much for them man!! Anyway, still must congratulate them for completing their Gold test successfully! =) Next, will be GOLDSTAR!

And here's one of the many supporters that turned up today. Gabriel! Cute! I mean, the both of us.. Whaha... =p

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