Wednesday, 31 March 2010

No Swimming Lessons on 2nd & 10th April 2010

Dear Parents & Students....

Please kindly take note that there will be no swimming lessons on 2nd April 2010 (Friday) due to Good Friday and 10th April 2010 (Saturday) as I will be attending a Mobilisation Exercise.

Make up lessons for the 10th April 2010 will be on 1st May 2010 (Labour Day)

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday! =)

Monday, 29 March 2010

Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games!

Got this YOG broucher from Toa Payoh Swimming Complex the other day. Cool man!! There are a total of 26 sports that's going to happen from 14- 26 August 2010 in Singapore!

Out of these 26 sports, there's this sport that looks really interesting... Modern Pentathlon. A quick check with Wikipedia says that "The modern pentathlon is a sports contest that includes five events: pistol shooting, épée fencing, 200 m freestyle swimming, show jumping, and a 3 km cross-country run." Wooo Hoo! It sure does look interesting! =)

I'm thinking of bringing my kiddos to the Swimming events... Ticket prices range from $10 - $30.. But I guess the kiddos might be more excited going to the Opening Ceremony with all the Fireworks... Hee.... They will go wild! =)

Cat 1 ticket prices are at $200, Cat 2 at $120, Cat 3 at $80 and Cat 4 at $30. Time for Teacher Jerry to save up!

But first, I wanna get this 2 cute mascots!! So adorable and cute! Just like me! =p Any sponsors? Hee...


What is that?

Dear Children...

Before you lose your temper on your parents. Remember, to them, you are such precious little gem. That very often, when you lose your temper on them. They'll accept it in silence.

Yet, many a times, we actually forgotten the kind of hardship they went thru just so that they could give the best education, the best knowledge and the best stuff to us.

We can have a lot of friends in the world. But there will only be 1 family. 1 parent for us in this lifetime. Life is too short to be spend on throwing temper at your parents, getting angry over at the slightest things. Because, often then not, the very next moment, just when you are about to treasure them. Our love ones might not be around us anymore.

So, go ahead. Give that hug to your parents and tell them how much you love them. My mummy rejected my hug initially, but as I start giving her more n more hugs, gradually she accept them. I'm going to start kissing my dad next! =)

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Words of the day ...

You can work miracles by having faith in others. To get the best out of people, choose to think and believe the best about them. -Bob Moawad

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Words of the day ...

In matters of style, swim with the current. In matters of principle, stand like a rock.
(Thomas Jefferson)

Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.
(Samuel Johnson)

Have a great weekend!
Get ready for a great new week!

Every child is a bundle of potential and promises.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sarah Triathlon Day!

Today was Sarah School "Triathlon Day"! She was part of the relay team where they will have 2 swimmers, each swimming 100m. After which, a skipper will skip for 60 times following which a runner will run 800m around the stadium.

Sarah was so excited when I told her Teacher Jerry going to support you ok! I just go there and say "Jiayou Jiayou!"

Last night before she went to bed, she called me again and ask.. "Teacher Jerry, you really coming?! My race is @ 9.45am. You come at 9.30am ok?"

I kept my promise! And congratulations to you Sarah for coming 1st in the event! =)
Hougang Swimming complex was the event for the swimming race...While waiting for their wave to start, Sarah and her team mate look @ other swimmers nervously....Making her relax and all smiles was my only mission for today.. Hee.. BIG SMILE! =DAs she waits for her team mate to complete her 100m swim... Currently, they are 5th in position!Quick Quick! Touch my hand.. And off she goes! GO Sarah GO!! Look @ her kicking!! =)High elbow recovery! Good Job! =)Nice hand entry! =) She's in 3rd place now....Last 50m! She feels tired and decides to change to Breaststroke... =)Gliding Gliding Gliding!!! Streamlining her body makes her a faster swimmer... =)1st swimmer out of the pool. Time to pass the job to the rest of her teammates!End of the race... Not forgetting to congratulate her friends for a good swim! =) Winning is not everything in a competition. It's about making friends, enjoying the experience and learning about Fairplay.Teacher Jerry vain pot again... Their event was delayed for awhile so it's camwhore time! =p

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

31.89Sec of improvement

Prior to my change of training programs for the kiddos...

Jing Hao showed the greatest improvement for his 50m Breaststroke! Woooo Hoooo!! I took the kids timing for week 10 & week 11. Most of them improve in their timing for 50m Breaststroke.

And Jing Hao showed the greatest improvement!

From 2:08:00 to 1:36:11. 31.89 Secs of improvement! Well done boy!We shall see who improve the most for this week... Even if it's just a 0.01sec of improvement, it's still a good improvement! Keep up the good work kids! =)

Monday, 22 March 2010

Motivation to exercise

Did you read The Straits Times today? I particularly like the article by Jeanette Wang titled Everyday heroes who inspires. In it, she wrote "Running, in this way, is like fire. Just a spark of inspiration or motivation is all it takes for someone to develop a burning passion for the sport."
I totally agree with this. In fact, not only just running. All kind of sports needs abit of motivation here and there sometimes. There are days where you will get lazy to move your body or leave that comfortable sofa. I'll be the 1st to admit to this! Hee...

But when you think of the benefits sports & exercise brings to your body. You will want to move alittle. Be it just a 100m short run around the void deck, be it just climbing up and down the stairs just to retrieve the mail or be it just doing 10 sit ups in your room. It's still a form of exercise.

Here's a video from the movie "Facing the Giant"

Teacher Jerry teared after this video. Sometimes, we just need that 1 person to motivate us to go further. Sometimes, we just need that 1 person to push us to our limits. Sometimes, I guess, we just need to blind ourselves from our visual limits.

Sometimes, that person who motivates us might be a fren, a coach, a stranger or perhaps even a movie. But many a times, that person might just be ourselves.

This is how I look 6 years ago... 85kg. =) Teacher Jerry "Ballooned" easily... And it doesnt help with my love for fried food, junk food & sweet stuff. I know all these stuff are bad for the body. But, I just love them. =pSo, if I dun exercise, that cute little tummy of mine sure will ballooned like no tomorrow. That's why, I try as hard as I can to go for a run everyday. Sometimes, it might just be a 30mins run, sometimes, it might be a hour run. Sometimes, it might just be 10mins of sprinting.

So long, I'm running & swimming. Subconsciously, I think I'm burning the fats again... =p Then, I won't feel so guilty eating all those junkie.. You get my point? You can eat whatever you like. Eating is a form of enjoyment. But the amount of stuff you eat must equal to the amount of exercise so as to burn them away.

You cant just have "Intake" and no "Output". "Output" in this case = Exercise. Further more, when you exercise, your body releases endorphins. Which makes you happy! Endorphins are found in chocolate too! =)
So go ahead and indulged in your fav food! But remember to exercise! I always say this.. So I'm going to say this again.. "Obesity is not by Choice. Exercise is!"

War with Gadgets....

I cant believe it. 1 week ago, we just reached the Island of Tioman. Now, I'm back on the Island of Singapore! Time flies man~ Esp when u r having a good time...

I still have so much to blog about.. Hee... Shall blog abit here and there... Ask me anytime about this Tioman trip and I will tell you it's definitely one of the best trip (& the only trip this yr) I ever had! =p

On the coach to Mersing Jetty, I confiscated 3 PSP! WOoo Hoo!!
Give the kids just 5mins of spare time, and wala! Out comes their PSP...Even Iphone came into the picture...I wanted to do "leave my mark" on the sea South China Sea.. So, out comes all their phones ready to Stomp and YouTube me... But of course, I didnt! Hee...A video that we took while on the way to there.. See the kind of crazy stuff Wesley does...

Friday, 19 March 2010

Tioman Trip

There's so much to blog about. I took over 400 photos and Tim have almost 200 photos with him.

I'm so lost as to where to start blogging about.. Wahahha.... I guess, you might be bored with my words, So, let the photos do the talking! =)

The Family that doesn't wanna leave the Island... @ Mersing Jetty where we wait for our Ferry...My boys and I @ the back of the Ferry where we did some crazy stuff.. Will upload the video if I can. hee...The Island of Tioman!!!Some crazy moments everyone had... Hee...The kids are all ready for their diving lessons!Suiting themselves up... Cool la! Both their teachers were fantastic & Amazing!Lessons over! Let's go see some nemos! Erm.. Sharks maybe?!We saw a sea turtle & a black tip reef shark over@ Reggis Island!!! COOL!!!!!!! WOOooo Hooo!!Crazily Fun Teacher Jerry & his crazily NOISY kids.... wahhahaaDay 2: Let's do something less crazy. Snorkeling!Nat goes snorkeling with Teacher Jerry after a 5min crash course on the boat! Wahahah Maurice & Wesley waiting for Teacher Jerry

Like I said, I must have been real crazy to bring these kids to go diving. But then again, If I dun bring them, they wouldn't have so much fun with me!!! Whahahaa.....

Although, there were some hiccups here and there, but overall, I believe everyone had a great time! Like I always say, "The right group of people going to the wrong destination, it's still right. But the wrong group of people going to the wrong destination, it's just wrong."

Luckily, we had the RIGHT group of people going to the RIGHT destination. It just makes everything perfect! =)

The kids are already bugging me to bring them back again.. wahhaa... So, let's start saving ok! Those who wanna go with Teacher Jerry, listen.. Start saving $0.50 everyday. 1 year later, your piggy bank will have enough money to go on a diving trip with Teacher Jerry!!!

You will then see all the unglam side of Teacher Jerry.. How I will get motion sickness, How I will scream when the fishes come near me =x, How I eat my half boil eggs... Whaha... Jia liat, my handsome handsome cool cool image is lost on the Island of Tioman... wahaha...

If that's still not enough to tempt you to go on a trip with Teacher Jerry. Then imagine this. Ya, you can only imagine now cause you didnt have a chance to experience it yet. =p

On this trip, we saw a sea turtle, a black tip reef shark, cuttlefish, Schools & schools of big fishes, nemos, the beautiful sunset, the soft white sandy beach, the clear blue sea, a perfect weather, no cars, no Internet, no naggings, no worries & no stress...

Now you know why the kids dun wanna come back Sg? wahha...They gotta be chasen out by the housekeepers lor! =p Hee.... In summary, It was a great & wonderful trip!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

We are back from Tioman!!

Hello Singapore!

The kids, parents & Teacher Jerry are back home safe & sound!! Crazily Fun! None of us wanted to come back! =p You will know how much fun we have!! Hee... Too much photos to choose from liao..

In short, This trip was an awesome trip!!! =) Let's see if I'm able to upload the photos in the next few days k! Hee... I'm so shagged out now.. I guess, the kids should be knocking out soon on their bed too.. Hee.. 2 nights of late nights over @ our room.. =p

When I 1st suggested to go for this diving trip, my parents thought I was out of my mind. Bringing kids overseas is 1 thing, Bringing them to go diving?! I must be really crazy. But, a promise is a promise! =)

Arn't I glad that I kept that promise! Else they wun be able to have so much fun over there! =p

Ask me if I was worried about the diving, I will tell u. Definitely!!! Swimming in the swimming pool is 1 thing. Swimming in the deep blue sea is another. What if I lost one kid? What do I have to return them? Teacher Jerry have nothing to return the parents lorz....

But I'm so glad that they got such professionals Dive Master over there!! Thanks Grace & Ben for all the arrangements!

Ask me if I was worried about the accommodation, I will tell you. Surely!! We read so much stories about Teachers & Students go overseas trip together and "Incidents" happen. But, I'm glad that none of such "Incidents" occurred. At least to my knowledge.. =)

Ask me if I was worried about bringing the kids to Tioman, I will tell you. Of Course!! It's my 1st trip over there too! But, I'm thankful for the trust the parents & the kids have in me. =)

I bet you, the kids must be smiling themselves to bed now & still feels that they are on the ferry. Hee... Cause,

Teacher Jerry is still feeling the sea and the ferry moving! Ooops.... They know what happen to me la.. hee... =p

P.s: This trip, all the unglam side of Teacher Jerry has been discovered by the kids.. Wahaha.. Imagine lost liaoz... =p

Monday, 15 March 2010


Dear all,

Updates will be back in three days time.
We're going to Tioman.
See you in three days time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Congratulations to my 6 gold medalist this afternoon! Erm, ok la, too exaggerated.. =p Still, these 6 students almost scared the shit out of me for today test!

3 of them told me their pants are too loose cannot swim... 1 tell me he too stress to take the 100m, 3min test. 1 asked me wat to do for the gold test later. And 1 was so relac jack.

Ok, maybe I stressed myself too much for their test liaoz.. Well, that's because I care too much for them man!! Anyway, still must congratulate them for completing their Gold test successfully! =) Next, will be GOLDSTAR!

And here's one of the many supporters that turned up today. Gabriel! Cute! I mean, the both of us.. Whaha... =p

Friday, 12 March 2010

NASSA Gold Test

Below are the name list for those taking the Gold test tml @ 1pm, Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex.

Good Luck everyone! =)

13 March 2010 (Saturday, 1pm)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Growing up....

I changed my training programs for most of the kids over the weekends. Yes, if you have noticed. Most of them didn't wore their pyjamas...

Instead, they were doing lots of sprints & timings after timings. They must have knocked out after that.

I have a confession to make. Since I started coaching. I only knew that I'm suppose to teach the kiddos to swim & prepare them for their Nassa test, be it bronze,silver, gold or goldstar. My primary focus then was to make sure my kids have the proper and correct strokes. Sending them for competition was something that seems so time consuming and so far fetched.

But as I'm growing up... Take this year for example. So many of my kiddos and parents come asking me...

"Teacher Jerry, what's my 50m breaststroke timing huh?"
"Teacher Jerry, what's my 100m freestyle timing huh?"
"Teacher Jerry, my PE teacher ask me to represent the school in swimming competition."
"Teacher Jerry, I want to take part in swimming competition. Can?"

When the 1st kid came to me asking to go for competition, I didn't give it much thought. Then the 2nd kid came, then the 3rd kid came....

It's like this year, there are so many of them being selected by their schools to represent them for the upcoming 51st National Inter Primary Schools Swimming Championship 2010. I thought thru this for 1 whole week. Should I start preparing all my kids for 2011 swimming comp? Will the training be too tough for them to handle? Or should I just continue focusing them for NASSA test like I always did?

It's not easy to plan your training for the kids if you wanna focus on both NASSA and Competitive swimming when all you have with them is just 1hr/week.

I told all my kids + parents who are going for this year swim competition. Just enjoy the race and get the experience. If we are really going for the top 3 places, it would most likely be next year or 2012.

On a side note, there is this thing known as "Qualifying Time" for all the events & division. When I was training the kids over the weekends, they were surprised that Teacher Jerry no longer says "Ok, 2 laps 4mins."

I told them, I want all of you to come back within qualification timings!! 100m Breaststroke 2mins. The eyes on the kids face tells me they thought they heard Teacher Jerry wrongly.

Kimberly was saying.. "HUH?! What is 100m? 100m how long?"
Brian was asking... "I thought 2 laps, 4mins? I bronze only leh!"

Teacher Jerry said "From now on, Teacher Jerry going to train each and everyone of you to swim very very fast! Next year, Teacher Jerry want everyone of you to represent your school for the swimming competition. So, starting from today, we are going to talk like pro. 1 lap is 50m. So, 100m is 2 laps. And Breaststroke is Frog style. We will try to use the word Breaststroke from now on, instead of Frog style. And pls.. Don't break up my Breaststroke word."

Of course, I am still going to prepare them for the NASSA test. Just that, on top of that, I'm going to prepare these kids to achieve their personal best timing (PB). So, that when next year comes, they will know what's their PB in every events. =)

I came up with a phrase... "Just when you are worrying when is your child next bronze, silver, gold test,Others are worrying, when & how are they going to help the child achieve his/her PB."

I think I have just found a purpose in life that is bigger than me.. Training the kids competitively yet, keeping the fun as always in them... =)

Who knows, the next Tao Li of Singapore might just be trained by me! =)

P/s: I think, I'm really growing up.... together with the kids..

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Patrick Henry Hughes

Popped by the library during my lunch break this afternoon. Was randoming browsing thru the books there when this book caught my eyes. Ok. I must admit, anything that's white in color will surely catch my eyes! =p

It's called I AM Potential Eight Lessons on Living, Loving and Reaching Your Dreams by Patrick Henry Hughes. Like always, the saying goes. Never judge a book by its cover. So, usually I will read the back of the book and here it goes...

I can't see, I can't walk, and can't do lots of other things. With all this, people might think, "Gee, what a terrible thing. How could I bear to live like that?" But I don't view it that way. Through my trials, God has given me experiences that taught me important lessons about life, which help get me through each and every day. I've never felt any pressure to do more than I can, but I'm always expected to do all that I can. The greatest gift I can give back to others is to share those experiences and lessons. - Patrick Henry Hughes

Woah! Doesn't that sounds like the mission of a Teacher? =)

I youtubed his name and I found a clip on him. After viewing the clip, only 1 word can describe him & his dad. Amazing...

I guess, a book review will be up soonz!! Hee....

Friday, 5 March 2010

East Coast Park

When was the last time you visited East Coast Park? For the past 3 weeks, I've been waking up like 6am just so that I can send my lovely little brother to Kaki Bukit..

That boy gotta be there by 7am & staying in sembawang doesnt really helps in the travelling time. So, I shall fulfill my duty as his elder brother and send him there. Which gives me an excuse to go running daily @ ECP! Woo Hoo!!

The morning sunrise @ ECP around 7.45am. Beautiful!!!As I run past F2 Carpark... Pretty pretty environment arounds you makes you really happy for the whole day! Hee... So, the next time, if you see a Prince Charming in white cap, white Oakley sunglasses and a white Sony Mp3 player running like an Ultraman, come & say Hi to me! =pP/s: Next week will be doing morning swim instead. Must keep changing my training programs to make life interesting.. Hee... =p Wanna see the morning sunrise @ Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex? Stay tune!!