Wednesday, 10 February 2010

National Call Up

2 years ago, I got called up for overseas training. (Year 2008)
2 years later, I got call up again! (Year 2010) WHAT! It's been 2 years! So fast meh?!

How come the army loves me so much? Keep calling me!

Received the news last night that from 25 August 2010 - 16 September 2010 I got called up for overseas training again! Not again!

My lessons will definitely be affected that's for sure and will have to be rescheduled during that period.

Teacher Jerry will try his very best to minimise the damage aka classes affected to the least. (Don't play play, I "lao jiao" (old bird) liao hor... I got experience in this already =p )

Told my mum last night, that 2 years ago, I stress over my reservist. 2 years later, I am still stressing again over the same thing! Time really flies man.. 2 years have past just like that.

I hate it when my classes get affected. But what can we do but say.. "Bo bian, Nation above all."

Well, looking at it, it doesn't look so bad either because you all can plan for your September holidays! Because September school holiday that week confirm, guarantee plus chop no lessons.

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