Friday, 12 February 2010

Mami Birthday

Today is our mami XXth birthday!

So, Happy Birthday Mami! =)

We somehow knew that my brother won't be able to come home today to celebrate. So, the smart boys planned for her dinner celebration 1 week ago. =)

We brought mami to Unique Seafood @ Turf City there cause she heart heart the bamboo clams there.. So there we go...

My dad and his trademark silly smile. =)

See how big that lobster is! If this year we tio the Chinese New Year TOTO, we will go back eat it! =x But I think, this lobster is going to be very safe for this year... Hee... The 5 dishes we planned for mami...I'm always a happy boy after my dinner. =)A woman age is a secret.. Hee...Tradition Family photo..And then... We decided to help her cut her cake! Hee.. Somehow, we looked like stars here... Preparing to start filming.. =p

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Xiaoxin ... said...

happy birthday, auntie!