Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Different Kinds of Swimming Suit

Ok. Today let's talk about the Swimming Suit you'll need before you can plunge into the swimming pool! =) Lesson 2/3.

Let's have 3 categories. Men Swim Suit, Ladies Swim Suit & Children Swim Suit. My focus is on Children swimming suit today. So, I will go thru very briefly on the Men & Ladies Swim Suit.

For the guys, basically we don't have much choices.. =)

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As show on the photo above, guys can choose from the traditional speedos that makes you look stylo milo. Hee... Or the tights swimming trunks which makes you looks taller. And there's also the rash guards that protects your body from the sunrays. =)

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Ladies are definitely spoilt for choices when it comes to swim suits. As always. you all have more choices to choose from. =p From a 2 piece swim suit to a 1 piece swim suit to the latest in fashion bikini. And of course, there are literally millions of designs out there for you to choose from. Hee.. =)

Now for the kids! =)

In the past, there was just 1 type of swimming costume for the children. For the boys, it's just swimming trunks and for the girls, it's just swimming costume. (Oh man.. I've just went thru a stage of evolution...) =p

Until 1 day... A clever guy designed wetsuits make out of lyrca material. Lyrca is the material usually used to manufacture the swimming costume. So, with that invention, out comes all the pretty wetsuits! =)

1 thing I like about the wetsuits is, it makes the whole swimming pool looks so colourful with all the kids swimming around. Whaha.. Ok, the wetsuits that the kids have nowadays, can be categorise into 3 categories too.

Full Lycra, Half Lycra half neoprene , Full neoprene.

Full Lycra wetsuits are those make 100% of Lycra. It's one of the cheapest and common wetsuits you can find in Singapore. =)

The best thing about this kind of wetsuit? Well, If your kid knows the trick, they can turn themselves into a balloon like my Matthew! Hee... The 2nd kinds of wetsuit will be those that have half Lycra & half neoprene materials. Prices wise, these are slightly more expensive because of the neoprene which is able to keep the body warm. =)

A wetsuit works by trapping a thin layer of water between the skin and the neoprene material. The body heat from the child warms the water and thus keeps the child warm.

And the last kind are wetsuits meant for diving which are fully neoprene. My advise is, there's not a need to get such "high grade" wetsuits for the kids. =) This are one of the most expensive wetsuits ranging anywhere from $70-$100+ depending on the brand.

Like I said, these wetsuits are meant for diving. The good side, the kid won't be so cold in the water. The con side? It's expensive and heavy to swim with it in the water and if this wetsuit is not properly maintained, it's lifespan is short..

Look @ Teacher Jerry's! My tights area always gets torn. =(

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