Monday, 22 February 2010

Be amazed, Be touched... =)

The kiddos went for their silver test last sat..... For the 1st time, I'm much more relax... Haha.. Cause I know they sure pass... =p

So, for a change, I video them down! Whoo Hoo!!! This coach is getting more n more high tech liaoz.... =p You will be amazed by the kids & touched by Mr Krishna.....
Still, our family tradition of a group photo is a must~ Making 1 last final check with them.. Getting all ready.. Somehow, to me, it's an honour to put the caps on for them =)My AVA crew for the day. Hee... Thanks Megan! Megan is our froggy.. She was saying... Ah~ Teacher Jerry, I'm going to appear on ur blog twice! =PAlso not forgetting Dora who helped me with the photo takings and all the parents who took the time off your busy schedule to come down and support your kids! =) Thank You!

Amazing right my kids... Thank you kids! For making me so proud to be your coach. You kids never fail to make me see that childlike innocence in each and everyone of u. =)

As for Mr Krishna, once again, you touched my heart by your effort. Especially after the test you came to me with your Ferraro Roche and thank me "Thank you for encouraging me to take the test."

No, I should thank you instead for making me fall in love with Maths & believe that Age is nothing more than just a mere number. Thank you!

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