Friday, 19 February 2010

$10Million TOTO - Huat Ah!

Ok ok. Before I even continue writing. I must 1st say that I'm not a gambler nor a god of gambler. And I dun believe that anyone should even think of becoming rich thru gambling. Gambling is a good pastime and bonding session if you are able to control your greed and know your limits. So, I'm not in favour of gambling.

Ok having said that, this friday $10Million TOTO is really tempting!! =p

I mean, with the opening of the IR and the Chinese New Year Mood. I think most of us have the "kick" to play abit of Blackjack and Mahjong. Hey.. It's a tradition to indulge in these games over the CNY period.. =)

And every year around this time, Singapore Pools will have this "HONG BAO DRAW" like this coming Friday that will reach $10Million! $10Million is like $10,000,000/- That's alot of money!

So the questions came. What will you do with $10Million?

If I have $10 Million, I can set up a charity organisation. What kind of organisation? I dunnoe. So long it's a meaningful, transparent and honest charity organisation that will benefits mankind.

If I have $10 Million, I can complete all the dreams that I have outstanding.

If I have $10 Million, I can bring all my kids to an all expenses paid DISNEYLAND trip instead of Tioman. =p

Speaking of Disneyland, I feel that every child/everyone should has a chance to go there. That's where the Magic comes alive. Everyone has a childhood dream and Disney character, So, Disneyland is the place where it all comes true. =)

If I have $10 Million, I will not have to worry about Rae University school fees.

If I have $10 Million, I will be able to take part in all the Ironman races and not worry about the registration fees..

If I have $10 Million.....

Ok, now that I know what I will do with my $10 Million, Let's take a look @ reality. The probability of Winning this $10Million ToTo. And you will know why the saying goes, “十赌九输”( Out of every 10 gamblers, 9 will lose)

There is 45 possibilities for the first number to be drawn.
Following which there are 44 possibilities for the second number,
43 for the third,
42 for the fourth,
41 for the fifth,
and 40 for the sixth.

So, If we multiply the numbers 45 x 44 x 43 x 42 x 41 x 40 we will get 5,864,443,200

And each possible group of six numbers combination can be drawn in different ways depending on which number in that combination was drawn first, which was drawn second, and so on

There are 6 choices for the first, 5 for the second, 4 for the third, 3 for the fourth, 2 for the fifth, and 1 for the sixth. Multiply these numbers and we will get 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 720.

We then divide 5,864,443,200 by 720 and we will have 8,145,060 as the number of different groups of six combinations. Since all numbers are assumed to be equally likely and since the probability of some number being drawn must be one, it follows that each combination of six numbers has a probability of 1/8,145,060.

Take ur calculator, punch in those numbers and you will get 0.0000001

See! The chances of winning is super duper slim. Then again, there is another saying, “有买就有希望,没买肯定没希望”(Buy got chance to win, never buy confirm no chance) =)

So, if next week you see Teacher Jerry asking the parents permission to bring the kiddos to Disneyland, you will know who won that $10Million. =)

$1 for a $10million dream. Not a bad deal after all... =p I cant help but shout. HUAT AH!

Reference for the TOTO probability calculation: #1, #2

Declaration: Once again, I must emphasize, I do not encourage anyone to gamble. I just want to show you how low the chances of winning a TOTO lottery is. I do not encourage anyone to gamble.

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