Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Different Kinds of Swimming Suit

Ok. Today let's talk about the Swimming Suit you'll need before you can plunge into the swimming pool! =) Lesson 2/3.

Let's have 3 categories. Men Swim Suit, Ladies Swim Suit & Children Swim Suit. My focus is on Children swimming suit today. So, I will go thru very briefly on the Men & Ladies Swim Suit.

For the guys, basically we don't have much choices.. =)

Credits#1, #2, #3

As show on the photo above, guys can choose from the traditional speedos that makes you look stylo milo. Hee... Or the tights swimming trunks which makes you looks taller. And there's also the rash guards that protects your body from the sunrays. =)

Credits #1,#2,#3

Ladies are definitely spoilt for choices when it comes to swim suits. As always. you all have more choices to choose from. =p From a 2 piece swim suit to a 1 piece swim suit to the latest in fashion bikini. And of course, there are literally millions of designs out there for you to choose from. Hee.. =)

Now for the kids! =)

In the past, there was just 1 type of swimming costume for the children. For the boys, it's just swimming trunks and for the girls, it's just swimming costume. (Oh man.. I've just went thru a stage of evolution...) =p

Until 1 day... A clever guy designed wetsuits make out of lyrca material. Lyrca is the material usually used to manufacture the swimming costume. So, with that invention, out comes all the pretty wetsuits! =)

1 thing I like about the wetsuits is, it makes the whole swimming pool looks so colourful with all the kids swimming around. Whaha.. Ok, the wetsuits that the kids have nowadays, can be categorise into 3 categories too.

Full Lycra, Half Lycra half neoprene , Full neoprene.

Full Lycra wetsuits are those make 100% of Lycra. It's one of the cheapest and common wetsuits you can find in Singapore. =)

The best thing about this kind of wetsuit? Well, If your kid knows the trick, they can turn themselves into a balloon like my Matthew! Hee... The 2nd kinds of wetsuit will be those that have half Lycra & half neoprene materials. Prices wise, these are slightly more expensive because of the neoprene which is able to keep the body warm. =)

A wetsuit works by trapping a thin layer of water between the skin and the neoprene material. The body heat from the child warms the water and thus keeps the child warm.

And the last kind are wetsuits meant for diving which are fully neoprene. My advise is, there's not a need to get such "high grade" wetsuits for the kids. =) This are one of the most expensive wetsuits ranging anywhere from $70-$100+ depending on the brand.

Like I said, these wetsuits are meant for diving. The good side, the kid won't be so cold in the water. The con side? It's expensive and heavy to swim with it in the water and if this wetsuit is not properly maintained, it's lifespan is short..

Look @ Teacher Jerry's! My tights area always gets torn. =(

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The sunblocks + aftercare beauty products

Alot of ppl say, after reading my blog, they are super inspired to go swimming! Really? Hee.. Thanks ah! =p

And so, as requested by you all. What to prepare before you take that plunge into the pool?

So, starting from today, I'm going to share with you some of the things you'll need! =) Today is lesson number 1/3.

First thing first. You gotta know how to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun and the after effect of the chlorine.

So, today lesson is on beauty products! Hee.. Here are the 8 products that Teacher Jerry uses. ( Tot I must admit, sometimes I'm just so lazy to use... =p)

The sunblocks + aftercare beauty productsProduct #1: Sunplay SPF 130PA+++. This little product here is a wonder. Most sunblock on the market has a range from SPF 20-75. But this one has 130! Yes, although there are research that says your skin cant take in more than 75. Which means, anything more than 75, it's useless.

But why did they come up with 130 den? I dunnoe. I just know that I feel safer whenever I'm coaching under the sun. Because I know, I'm like 130 protected from the harmful rays. Doesnt hurt to be more protective than no protection @ all right... =)

But for the kids, they have sunblocks specially made for them(lesser SPF). So, this might not be for kids. I'm not sure. You gotta check. =) Usually you can see smthing like "Sunblocks for kids"

Product #2: Nivea Face Sun Block Whitening Cream SPF 50 PA+++. This is another very good sunblock that protect your face. It's suppose to block your face from the UV and @ the same time, it's suppose to help you whiten your face. Hey! That's like 2 in 1!! Good la!!

I dunnoe if it works. I've been using this for almost half a year. Well, at least my face doesn't look too bad. Er, I mean, tanned. Hee... =p

Oh ya! It's recommended that you apply your sunblock 30mins before entering the water so that your skin can absorb them. =)

Ok, now that you are well protected from the sun.. Let's see how to take care of urslf after swimming! Hee...

Product #3: Olay Regenerist Serum. I dun really know what this is for. It came in the box when I brought Olay total effect 7-in-1 anti aging cream. So, I just use it. =p

Product #4: Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti Aging Cream 7. I saw the advertisement that this cream has 7-in-1 anti aging. Hee... So, just buy and use it lor... The advertisement was impressive anyway. =)

Product #5: Nivea for Men Oil Control Moisturiser. Mummy always say my face is very oily. So, I went to get this Oil Control Moisturiser.. To control my oily face. Hee...

Product #6: QV Cream Repair Dry Skin. I guess the product name tells it all... =) Repair dryness of the skin. But the cream is really oily. But I think it works.

Product #7: White Musk Smooth Satin Body Lotin from The Body Shop. Another product that I use to make my skin smooth smooth like bean curd.. Hee...

Product #8: Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel. Ah! This product is good! They say Aloe Vera is good for the skin and the hair. To prevent hair loss, I apply some of this gel on my head. I dunnoe where I heard before but it's said that Aloe Vera gel on your head can prevent hair loss. So, no harm trying... =)

And last but not least... A small treat @ times..

Face mask! This face mask was recommended by my adult student Hooi Fong. It's super watery. And I love it! =)

Tomorrow lesson will be on The Different kinds of swimming suit. Hee.. =p

P.s: All the sunblocks + beauty products are not sponsored by their respective companies. I used my own coins from the piggy bank to buy them one... =p

There are thousands of sunblocks & beauty products out there for you to choose from. Choose one that suits your skin type and most importantly, choose one that you will use! Hee...

Monday, 22 February 2010

Be amazed, Be touched... =)

The kiddos went for their silver test last sat..... For the 1st time, I'm much more relax... Haha.. Cause I know they sure pass... =p

So, for a change, I video them down! Whoo Hoo!!! This coach is getting more n more high tech liaoz.... =p You will be amazed by the kids & touched by Mr Krishna.....
Still, our family tradition of a group photo is a must~ Making 1 last final check with them.. Getting all ready.. Somehow, to me, it's an honour to put the caps on for them =)My AVA crew for the day. Hee... Thanks Megan! Megan is our froggy.. She was saying... Ah~ Teacher Jerry, I'm going to appear on ur blog twice! =PAlso not forgetting Dora who helped me with the photo takings and all the parents who took the time off your busy schedule to come down and support your kids! =) Thank You!

Amazing right my kids... Thank you kids! For making me so proud to be your coach. You kids never fail to make me see that childlike innocence in each and everyone of u. =)

As for Mr Krishna, once again, you touched my heart by your effort. Especially after the test you came to me with your Ferraro Roche and thank me "Thank you for encouraging me to take the test."

No, I should thank you instead for making me fall in love with Maths & believe that Age is nothing more than just a mere number. Thank you!

Friday, 19 February 2010

What would you do?

A lady stopped me just outside the swimming pool this afternoon. She was panicking and was looking all so flustered.

She needed help. She said,
"I lost my wallet and my son is currently at Marine Parade. He's having a high fever and I need to send him to the hospital immediately."

"I said.. Er... Ok, How you want me to help you?"

"I need some money to take a cab back. Can you lend me? I will transfer you the money tonight."

I took out a $10 note and passed it to her. But she said she needed more. I was thinking, Is this a scam? $10 should be enough to get her from Yio Chu Kang to Marine Parade I was thinking, even if it's not enough, the kind hearted Taxi driver will understand and not charge her the outstanding amount right?

I dunnoe, I didn't want to think towards that direction. I just gave her my number so that she could call me and make arrangements in the money return. Till now, No calls from her.

I can't help but think that I might have been conned. On the way home, I was smiling @ myself, thinking how easy it's for me to fall into such cons.

But, what if, she was real? Her son really needed to go to the hospital? My $10 note could have save a small life. And if she was real, and I didnt offer to help her. I would definitely feel guilty if I came to know of her story later.

Well, I shall just think towards the more positive direction. Let's hope her son is alright and that my $10 is being put to good use. =)

$10Million TOTO - Huat Ah!

Ok ok. Before I even continue writing. I must 1st say that I'm not a gambler nor a god of gambler. And I dun believe that anyone should even think of becoming rich thru gambling. Gambling is a good pastime and bonding session if you are able to control your greed and know your limits. So, I'm not in favour of gambling.

Ok having said that, this friday $10Million TOTO is really tempting!! =p

I mean, with the opening of the IR and the Chinese New Year Mood. I think most of us have the "kick" to play abit of Blackjack and Mahjong. Hey.. It's a tradition to indulge in these games over the CNY period.. =)

And every year around this time, Singapore Pools will have this "HONG BAO DRAW" like this coming Friday that will reach $10Million! $10Million is like $10,000,000/- That's alot of money!

So the questions came. What will you do with $10Million?

If I have $10 Million, I can set up a charity organisation. What kind of organisation? I dunnoe. So long it's a meaningful, transparent and honest charity organisation that will benefits mankind.

If I have $10 Million, I can complete all the dreams that I have outstanding.

If I have $10 Million, I can bring all my kids to an all expenses paid DISNEYLAND trip instead of Tioman. =p

Speaking of Disneyland, I feel that every child/everyone should has a chance to go there. That's where the Magic comes alive. Everyone has a childhood dream and Disney character, So, Disneyland is the place where it all comes true. =)

If I have $10 Million, I will not have to worry about Rae University school fees.

If I have $10 Million, I will be able to take part in all the Ironman races and not worry about the registration fees..

If I have $10 Million.....

Ok, now that I know what I will do with my $10 Million, Let's take a look @ reality. The probability of Winning this $10Million ToTo. And you will know why the saying goes, “十赌九输”( Out of every 10 gamblers, 9 will lose)

There is 45 possibilities for the first number to be drawn.
Following which there are 44 possibilities for the second number,
43 for the third,
42 for the fourth,
41 for the fifth,
and 40 for the sixth.

So, If we multiply the numbers 45 x 44 x 43 x 42 x 41 x 40 we will get 5,864,443,200

And each possible group of six numbers combination can be drawn in different ways depending on which number in that combination was drawn first, which was drawn second, and so on

There are 6 choices for the first, 5 for the second, 4 for the third, 3 for the fourth, 2 for the fifth, and 1 for the sixth. Multiply these numbers and we will get 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 720.

We then divide 5,864,443,200 by 720 and we will have 8,145,060 as the number of different groups of six combinations. Since all numbers are assumed to be equally likely and since the probability of some number being drawn must be one, it follows that each combination of six numbers has a probability of 1/8,145,060.

Take ur calculator, punch in those numbers and you will get 0.0000001

See! The chances of winning is super duper slim. Then again, there is another saying, “有买就有希望,没买肯定没希望”(Buy got chance to win, never buy confirm no chance) =)

So, if next week you see Teacher Jerry asking the parents permission to bring the kiddos to Disneyland, you will know who won that $10Million. =)

$1 for a $10million dream. Not a bad deal after all... =p I cant help but shout. HUAT AH!

Reference for the TOTO probability calculation: #1, #2

Declaration: Once again, I must emphasize, I do not encourage anyone to gamble. I just want to show you how low the chances of winning a TOTO lottery is. I do not encourage anyone to gamble.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

NASSA Silver Award 2010

Below are the students who will be taking the Nassa Silver Test this coming sat, 20 Feb @ 1pm, Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex.

Good Luck Kids!

20 Feburary 2010 - 1pm
Zhi Qin
Xin Yu
Jie Qi
Jun Hua
Yi Ling

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wishing everyone a Prosperous, Healthy & Happy Chinese New Year! Huat Ah!

Go ahead and feast! We can always burn off the extra fats later.. =) Once a year only. So, go ahead and feast! Hee....

P.s: Happy Valentine Day to all the love birds! =)

Friday, 12 February 2010

Mami Birthday

Today is our mami XXth birthday!

So, Happy Birthday Mami! =)

We somehow knew that my brother won't be able to come home today to celebrate. So, the smart boys planned for her dinner celebration 1 week ago. =)

We brought mami to Unique Seafood @ Turf City there cause she heart heart the bamboo clams there.. So there we go...

My dad and his trademark silly smile. =)

See how big that lobster is! If this year we tio the Chinese New Year TOTO, we will go back eat it! =x But I think, this lobster is going to be very safe for this year... Hee... The 5 dishes we planned for mami...I'm always a happy boy after my dinner. =)A woman age is a secret.. Hee...Tradition Family photo..And then... We decided to help her cut her cake! Hee.. Somehow, we looked like stars here... Preparing to start filming.. =p

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

MILO MOE Youth Triathlon 2010

Dear students,

You are strongly encouraged to take part in the MILO MOE Youth Triathlon 2010. Go register thru ur sch! Last date of registration accordingly to Mrs Lim, is 18 Feb 2010.

So, go regiser!

Hee... I will be setting a date to bring those who are taking part to Sentosa to swim. Yes! We are going to Sentosa! =)

National Call Up

2 years ago, I got called up for overseas training. (Year 2008)
2 years later, I got call up again! (Year 2010) WHAT! It's been 2 years! So fast meh?!

How come the army loves me so much? Keep calling me!

Received the news last night that from 25 August 2010 - 16 September 2010 I got called up for overseas training again! Not again!

My lessons will definitely be affected that's for sure and will have to be rescheduled during that period.

Teacher Jerry will try his very best to minimise the damage aka classes affected to the least. (Don't play play, I "lao jiao" (old bird) liao hor... I got experience in this already =p )

Told my mum last night, that 2 years ago, I stress over my reservist. 2 years later, I am still stressing again over the same thing! Time really flies man.. 2 years have past just like that.

I hate it when my classes get affected. But what can we do but say.. "Bo bian, Nation above all."

Well, looking at it, it doesn't look so bad either because you all can plan for your September holidays! Because September school holiday that week confirm, guarantee plus chop no lessons.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Closure of Singapore Sports Council Sports Facilities

All sports facilities (e.g Swimming pool, stadium, gym, tennis, badminton,squash court, hockey field) managed by the Singapore Sports Council will be closed during the Chinese New Year (CNY) festive period on the following days:

a) Saturday, 13 February 2010 (Eve of CNY) - closed from 5pm onwards
b) Sunday, 14 February 2010 (1st day of CNY) - closed for the full day

All sports facilities will re-open on Monday, 15 February 2010.

As such, There will be no swimming lessons on 13 Feb 2010(classes after 3pm) & no swimming lessons on 14, 15 Feb 2010 .

As for those on Saturday (13 Feb 2010) morning @ Seng Kang, Teacher Jerry will be there as usual. So, lessons as usual!! =) Of course, if you are busy preparing for CNY or having your reunion breakfast, you will b excused. =)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Final Call.

I checked 10+ tour agencies today.. Basically, the 3D2N package are all the same. It's all the same. So, let's confirm!

Date: 15Mar - 17Mar
Location: Tioman Island, Malaysia
Transport: 44 seater coach
Duration: Plus Minus 3.5hrs
Price: $154 (4 adults in a room), $114 (Child below age 12)
You are welcome to choose from the other Single, Twins or triple rooms. (abit more exp tot)

Now, I only lack ur Names, ur PASSPORT & ur MONEY nia...

For passports, please make sure u have @ least 6months of validity till expiry.

For kids whose parents are not going with them, please make sure you have your very own passport (meaning your passport is not tagged to your mummy & papa)

Ok! Final call on 15 Feb 2010.

16 Feb 2010, I'm going to make all the bookings liao. =)

P.s: If there are anyone/ any organisation wanna sponsor us for our trip, we will be more than willing to accept your kind sponsorship. =p

Sunday, 7 February 2010

My kiddos classic reactions

Whenever I wanna announce something to my kiddos.. I will create an "atmosphere" for them... Like yesterday & today...

I told them... "Oh! I got a sad news to tell you all..."
Usually, they gets prepared to be sad... Usually lah...

Then they await the news....

Teacher Jerry: " Ok... Ready?"
Kiddos: "Ready!"
Teacher Jerry: " Next week no swimming lessons... becoz...."
*Expecting them to have some moody expressions* But I was wrong...
Kiddos: "Yeah!! Yeah!!!"

Then, the classic one will ask... "Teacher Jerry you are going to give us ang pao (red packets) right?"

Best! I love my kids...


And sometimes, they make me so angry... That I will tell them. U naughty again, I'm going to ask u stay back 30mins... Usually it works.. But not anymore...

My kids are beginning to reply me...

"Yeah!! I can swim for another 30more mins!"
"Yeah!! I dun need to go home so early!"
"Yeah! Mummy going to wait for me for 30 more mins!"
And the classic one...

"Teacher Jerry. Can I be naughty? Cause I want to stay back..."

Awwwwww.......So sweet... =) I'm going to find new ways to "punish" the active angels... =x

Saturday, 6 February 2010

An advance valentine day

Saw this video a few years back. Looking @ this video now, it's still as sweet... =)

Actually thought of posting it on 14 Feb. But it's CNY! So, better post it earlier..

Hee... I particularly like the part where he say... “我大了有一个好老婆跟有一顿好饭吃就够了”Sweet!

Anyway, the "CNY forecast" says this year Rats are not advised to start BGR. So I better listen.. Hee... So, here's wishing everyone an advance valentine day! =p

Friday, 5 February 2010

Tioman Trip: 15Mar - 17Mar

Here are the "agar agar" details for our Tioman Trip!

Date: 15Mar - 17Mar (tentatively)
Price: $200(Adults), $134(Child below 12yr old) Still sourcing around for better price..

The price above includes
- 2 Way Transfers from Singapore to Tioman by coach and ferry
- 2 Nights Accommodation at Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort (Beach Front with aircon!)
- Daily Buffet Breakfast
- Welcome Drink
- Snorkelling Excursion to Coral Island & Marine Park (9am to 1:30pm)
- 1 Lunch on Day2 and 2 Buffet Dinner. Snorkelling equipment not included.

The pricing above is the chalet directly in front of the beach! That's what I was told!

There's a cheaper one - standard chalet. This one is really cheaper. Adults $154, Child $114 Package wise, everything is the same. The only thing it's not beach front. I think we might go for this one. Cause I think most of the time we will be on the beach... So, it's already beach front. Whahaa.....

For those who wants to find out more about the pricing, let me know. I can email you the agency webby.

Of course, I'm still sourcing for better deals (Monday I'm going to Golden Mile to ask the agencies there) or I might just book directly with Tioman Island.

Most of the times, booking with tour agencies, I say most of the time are hassle free. =p

P/s: Adults price are base on 4 adults in a room. Also, Let me know if you are interested to go with us! The more the merrier! The merrier, we got more bargaining power for discount! Hee....

There's also a super cheap one. It's in Paya Lodge. $134 Adults, $114 Child

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New Swimming Class for Beginners!

Ok! After working thru the whole of last night. I finally managed to squeeze out 2 timeslots for new beginners!

So after Chinese New Year, I will be starting new beginner classes on THURSDAY & SUNDAY.

Date: 18 Feb 2010 Thursday
Time: 7pm (might change to 6pm if majority wants)
Location: Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex

Date: 21 Feb 2010 Sunday
Time: 2pm
Location: Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex

As usual, for beginners class, I will want to try to keep the class size small... So I dun think I want to take in more than 8 students per class. So hurry! Call me! SMS me! MSN me! Facebook me! Whatever it takes to reach me just like Hitler! Hee... =p

Do help to spread the word around too k! See, It's after CNY, so during CNY, you know wat to tell the relatives when they ask... "How come ur kids so tan!" =p

Hee... OK! Once again, here's my contact 9100 1855 and my email

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Just for laughter

Few days ago, "Hitler" wanted to send his 2 sons to Teacher Jerry swimming class... I couldn't confirm a time slot for him. So I suggested to place them on the waiting list for the moment..

His "generals" showed me a video of their meeting today... =x

Ok ok... Tonight I'm going to work thru the night and give him an answer tml morning!

Anyway, the video is just for laughter. Any resemblance is purely coincidental. Means no harm at all. =p