Sunday, 31 January 2010

Where's your smile?

3 years ago. One student left me for a "Competitive coach" training. The mummy feels that that coach had a vast experience in training kids for competition & thus want her son to train under that coach. So that one day, he might just become a competitive swimmer.

Did I say No? Nope. I didn't.

I remember my last conversation with my boy on his last lesson.

"When you are training with your new coach, make sure you listen to him ok? Be a good boy."

Boy said "But I only want Teacher Jerry."

We ended the conversation with a hug. You know, sometimes, the best conversations are left unsaid.

Fast forward to 3 years later. I saw my boy again @ the swimming pool training with his coach. Indeed, his strokes are getting better. Credits to that coach!

But, something was missing... My boy smile was gone.. He was no longer smiling like he used to 3 years ago & he sure wasn't jumping up and down like the 1st day I met him.

One thing I'm grateful to be a teacher is that, I'm able to bring the joy of swimming to my kids and put that priceless smile onto their face.

So, if one day you no longer hear the laughter of my kids in the swimming pool or see a smile on their face. Remind me. Cause that's the last thing I want to take away from them.

And with that, I leave u with a quote from Janet Lane.
"Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important."

P/s: Have u smiled today? =D

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