Monday, 4 January 2010

What a way to start 2010!

Yes, What a way... Never expected my 2010 to start off with a case of food poisoning.

On fri, we went to Kusu Island. Yes, Following my "Discovery" of Singapore islands. I suggested to the family that we should go Kusu Island as part of my "Discovery". Hee...

And Wala!

Add this all up, "Sea Sick + Hunger + Curry Puff + Bak Kut Teh + Laksa = Food Poisoning"

We traced back and found out the culprit was that cute looking harmlessly curry puff. I was the only one who ate that and tata!

Woke up on sat morning and I could hardly get out of bed. Hence got to cancel all sat morning class. Slept till sat afternoon, thinking that I'll be fine. But when I got back home after class, I was typically shivering all over. No choice, got to go n see Mr.Doc. He gave me an injection & instructed me to rest. Sun classes were all cancelled as a result.

Sorry if I have left you out on the sms notification. I'm just too weak from visiting the toilet. For the 1st time, I laid on the bed for 24hrs straight.. Now, I'm feeling much better. Thanks for all your concern sms and wishes. =)

I should be jumping up & down by tml. For now, it's medication time. =(

On the plus side, I lost 1kg! And I'm going to be more health conscious.. =) As the saying goes... “休息是走更远的路”

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