Sunday, 24 January 2010

A tribute to positive coaches/teachers

Started on my new book - The Double Goal Coach by Jim Thompson.

Just a few mere pages & I'm having new perspective towards coaching/teaching. And here's a tribute to all teachers out there! Esp Xiao xin! And to any other teachers or coaches reading this blog. It's a tribute to all of us... Here it goes...

It's hard being a coach. It's even harder to be a positive coach. Partly the difficulty may be due to a lack of experience with it - most of us were not coached this way when we were kids.The mindset of many sportswriters and media commentators is that winning is the only thing that matters. This makes it easy to second guess ourselves whenever things go wrong, as they often do in sports, whether you are a Positive Coach or not.

Well, most of us might not have encountered a positive coach/teacher b4. But as teachers now, we can try our very best to be positive for our kids! =)

Because these kids when they grow up & a handful of them might just become teachers like us, the first thing they are going to remember is our way of teaching.

So, be positive teachers! =) It's really hard @ times that's for sure with all the outer elements & factors coming in... But watch the video below & you will find it all worth while.

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Xiaoxin ... said...

Yes, am trying very hard to be a positive teacher! Thank you Teacher Jerry!