Monday, 4 January 2010

Take my breath away Shangri-La!

Today I discovered the beauty of Shangri-La Hotel!!

I'm gonna shout "OMG x" !!

Was there today as one of Rae overseas students came back to Singapore for a holiday. Before I even enter the hotel, I am already bedazzled by the bell boys & staff smiles. Their smiles are ever so ready waiting for you! Their smiles make you feel so much like home! AH!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!

Next, when I entered their lobby. OMG!~ It just feel like you are in paradise. Everything is so golden, yellow, warm orange.... Everything/everyone is so heavenly... You just feel like you are in paradise! I was in a state of shock for a moment!

The lobby itself is worth a post! I didnt take any photos today cause I was too shocked and stunted by what I saw! Maybe tml I shall take some photos. OMG! They have staff within every 10 steps and before you even smile @ them, their smile is already on their face and ask you. "How can I help you Sir?" Top class service!!!!! OMG!!!

Once you enter the lobby, You will be greeted by these super huge and beautiful chandelier that hang down from the ceilings! OMG! They are so OMG beautiful!

Shangri La Hotel feels more than just a castle, more than a palace, more than a paradise. It's a place that simply takes your breath away! Majestic, charming & Amazing are the words I came up within 30secs when I was in the lobby. The next 30sec was on holding my wedding there! OMG! It's so far fetched but then again, that image of holding my bride hand and entering Shangri-La Hotel lobby seems so.. er.. wats that word? FAIRYTALE!!!

OMG! Shangri-La, You took my breath away!

Did I sound like a "mountain tortoise"? Paiseh ah, never been to such high class hotel before.. Hee... Anyway, it feels good to be back in the water again! Ah~ Only 1 day without the water & I miss it so much! =)

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