Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My new bling bling!

Teacher Jerry & students will be taking part in the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Olympic 2016. So, they got me a Coach entry pass! See.. Cool right.

Okok... That's a fake. =p But well, @ least it's something we can work towards together for right. Who knows, one day the kids might just be up there on the starting platform. Nothing is impossible.

Hee, once again, all in the name of being "Hiao"(vain), I did up a DIY entry pass lookalike with my favourite brands.. To remind myself to get a real one soon! Nice right...

So, Ironman, Timex, Addidas & Speedo. You guys wanna sponsor us to the Brazil Olympic 2016? =p


Xiaoxin ... said...

yes! something to work hard for! jia you! :D

Jerry Toh said...

Thank You! Hee.. I will!