Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Magic of 1hr/week

The kids and I only get to see each other once a week. And each time, it's only for an hour. Which means, I only get to see the kids for 52hrs/yr.

Minus away the holidays + MC + other reasons = ~46hrs/yr

If 24hrs = 1 day
Then, 46hrs = 46/24 = 1.92 days = ~2days/year

But dun you think it's magical?! How the kids love each other in the class. How the kids care for each other in their class. How the kids can "gang up" with each other to bully their Teacher Jerry despite meeting each other for just 1hr/week.

Thought we meet just 2 days/year. Yet, we are not distant @ all. Ah~ There must be something magical between Teacher Jerry & the kids... Maybe we can only find out the answer in Disneyland! =p

p/s: Get well soon our biscuit, Bing Han!

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