Saturday, 9 January 2010

Greatest Love of All

Usually, I dun blog on sat nights coz after 1 whole day of lessons, I'm totally zonked out & I got to wake up super duper early tml morning.

But what happened today I must make sure I blog about it! =p

Yes, The kids took their Bronze test today. Out of so many batches, this batch of kids are 1 of those where I've super high confidence in them. But still, last night, I'm still having sleepless night. So many things were on this coach mind.

- What if the kids forget to bring pyjamas?( Yes, This came true today!)
- What if the kids experience my so called "Pre Test Stress Trauma Syndrome?"
- What if the kids report late for exam?
- What if the kids forget how to take off their pyjamas?
- What if, What if, What if....
Not that I'm worried about these kids. I know better than anyone else that they are ready for their test. I mean, I'm the one who train them. Of course I know these kids are going to have a great swim today!

But It's been almost 8 years since I 1st send my kids for the bronze test. I should be feeling numb liaoz... But till today I'm still feeling so nervous and excited whenever they are going to take their test. Haiyo...When I can just sit back, relax and just watch them take the test? I tried sitting down today. After 30sec, my bum bum left that seat. =p

I'm super proud of these kids lah! Without your own determination and preservation thru out these months, we could not have such a great swim today! So,
Well Done Children!

Oh!!!! Did you know, you kids are the 1st batch to take NASSA Bronze award in 2010! Hee.. What a good start! =)

Hee.. Now, that I'm stress free for this month..(1 more next week for denise), I'm going to start stressing next month for the silver kids... =p
I asked some parents today: "Stress?"
Some said Yes.
I said. "You stress over your own child only. My stress is multiple your stress to the power of dunnoe how many times. Hee..."
I think most teachers will feel the same kind of stress when their kids go for any test or exams ba. Imagine I have a class of students who are going to take their O Level results this Monday! No, I dun want to imagine that... =x
Anyway, when we stress, we sing song right? This song was on my mind this afternoon. Very meaningful lyrics! =)

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Xiaoxin ... said...

i totally agree with you! i stress every ALL my kids! hehe