Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Good luck JOEY!

That day Joey SMS me...

Joey: "Jerry guess what I draw for the YOG art competition?"
Me: "ME! Haha..."
Joey: "No! faster guess"
Me: "I dunnoe lehz... U take a photo put on FB la. Or bring to the pool show me."
Joey: "Cannot. Submit liao. Win liao. Anyway it's swimming backstroke lor.. this one also cannot guess."

And here's her masterpiece! The organisers uploaded it on their website. Good Luck Joey! Hope you will win!It might just be another drawing to alot of ppl. But when I saw what you drew Joey, Teacher Jerry was very touched. My 1st impression when I saw this masterpiece, it quickly brought me to the swimming pool!

And there I am telling you all "Ok! 2 laps of backstroke now. GO GO GO!!" Hee...

I love your use of the vibrant colours on your drawings! It's Dynamic!

Whether you win the competition or not doesnt matter to Teacher Jerry. Like I told you, You are already a champion in Teacher Jerry heart liaoz! Your drawing almost make me cry! =)

So, come sat, Teacher Jerry will reward you & the class ok! What's the reward? It's a S.U.R.P.R.I.S.E! =p

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Xiaoxin ... said...

nice work by joey! and yes, the use of colors is great! nice!!!!