Saturday, 30 January 2010

Active Angels..

Every class has a naughty devil. Erm, no. I shouldnt use the word naughty. Erm. Mischievous monkey? Nono... Let's use a nicer word. AH! Active angel. =)

Ok, you get my point liaoz. So let's begin. =p

Every class has @ least one active angel. Even in the best possible class. Some classes there might be a few, perhaps 2-4 active angels.

It's easy to handle a class if there's only 1 active angel. It gets a little bit more challenging when you meet a class of 4 active angels. But when you have a full class of 12 active angels.

Ah~ That's one big headache & a possible raise of high blood pressure! =p You got to be quick enough to react to any "unexpected actions" from these angels. And you better make sure your lingo & thinking is on par with these angels. Because communicating with the class is like going into negotiation/ war with them.

I now finally understand why so many teachers give up. It's because sometimes you really feel like giving up on these angels. I mean, come on. Who can take it? When you tell them to do A but they end up doing D. I doubt alot can take it. =)

But a good teacher is not of one who gives up easily. A good teacher will find all sorts of ways to bring these angels from D back to A den to B den to C before reaching D together even if it means he got to risk his blood pressure or vomit blood along the way.

It's not an easy route but let's try if my new ideas will work on my angels tml without losing too much blood. =)

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